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Camp Okavango

Update on water levels in the Okavango Delta

This summer, Botswana was hot and dry. The 2019 summer rains were not as plentiful as previous years, and unfortunately the rainfall in the Angolan highlands was below average too.  As a result the annual flow of water into the Okavango Delta has been late. Word on the ground  in Botswana is that the famous flood water […]

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Southern Mozambique

My Mozambique Trip

When I was called upon to have a little toddle off to Santorini for a bit of a look-see, I couldn’t help but subconsciously get my Shirley Valentine on. Granted, I’d like to think I’m not quite old enough to pull off a bored Liverpudlian housewife stuck in a matrimonial rut, especially seeing as I’m rather happily […]

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Daisy on river cruise

I’m Daisy, a new senior travel consultant at Southern Destinations

I’m thrilled to be the freshest (!) newest Travel Guru on the Southern Destinations team I’m certainly no stranger to the Africa Safari industry… I’ve been in this wonderful world of travel and making people’s dream trips come true for over 15 years!   There is never a dull moment and just like the itineraries that I […]

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Cheetah Plains

Brand New Year, Brand New Properties!

With this superb selection of brand new builds and some of the most exciting lodge renovations we’ve ever seen, 2019 promises to be a year filled with ‘next level’ safari experiences! &BEYOND TENGILE RIVER CAMP (NEW) Location: Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa Opened: December 2018 Accommodation: 9 secluded, thatched and air-conditioned suites, elevated above the […]

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Photo of Kwitonda, a silverback gorilla from Rwanda

Revealing Rwanda’s New Lodges: Opening 2019

With the brand new year unfolded before us like a just-bought map – crisp, unmarked and beckoning with possibility – we’ve pinned down Rwanda as 2019’s most exciting new  ‘sustainable and versatile safari destination’!  With Wilderness Safari’s Bisate Lodge leading the way, others in the conservation and hospitality industry are following suit.  2019 will see the opening of three […]

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Why mountain-bike when you perambulate upon a pretty perch?

How To Ride a Camel — in Style

I have always felt that Kenya is the absolute quintessence of African safari adventure. For a plethora of intangible, interwoven reasons, with roots deeply entwined in Europe’s colonial history of explorers, traders and naturalists, the notion of ‘safari’ first, and irrevocably, intoxicated our collective Western imagination with the 20th Century’s defining glorification of the travel genre in popular culture through films like ‘Out of Africa’, iconic creatives like Peter […]

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Southern Destinations - Blog - Bucketlist 2018

Convince me to go to Africa!

Need convincing why you should plan an Africa trip? 1. VALUE FOR MONEY South Africa, in particular, is where your $ travels as far as you will, especially when dining at world-class restaurants, enjoying the finest of wines and exquisitely authentic retail experiences at the vibrant markets and hip boutiques. 2. IT’S THE LATEST ‘HOTTEST DESTINATION’ Look around you and […]

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Just the Two of Us and a Red Banana

With my daughter’s tenth birthday on the horizon, I set my heart on an exotic Zanzibar ‘seafari’ for just the two of us. When my son turned ten, I took him to Kenya for a truly African safari adventure full of the things that boys dream of – towering Maasai warriors, roaring lions, stampeding wildebeest and so many […]

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