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Just Love Trading jewellery

A Specialist South African Jewellery Business

Further to our recent jewellery blog 5 Jewellers To Visit In Africa, we thought we would highlight another jewellery business that has taken off.  A piece of locally crafted  jewellery is perfect if you’re looking for that special gift or to take some of the magic of Africa back home with you. Based in the […]

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Liuwa Plain National Park

Africa’s Finest: Our Top 5 Eco-Resorts in Zambia

Once again we return to one of our best-loved ecotourism books: Africa’s Finest, and this time around our focus is on Zambia. Recently published by well-known conservationist (and founder of Wilderness Safaris) Colin Bell, the book was born out of the desire of Bell and co-author David Bristow of giving the safari industry a full […]

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Daggaboer Farm Stall

Our 5 Best-Loved Farm Stalls In South Africa

Not much beats going road tripping through South Africa’s ever-changing landscapes. It definitely counts as one of my most favorite things to do. But the cherry on the cake for me is discovering quaint little farm stalls or padstalletjies (as they are locally known in Afrikaans) on the side of the road en route to […]

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Cameron Scott

Portrait Of A Safari Guide: Cameron Scott Shares His Photography Tips

We love featuring the inspiring people of Africa, and on a recent safari to the Lion Sands Game Reserve, we encountered a game ranger who impressed us not only with his incredible knowledge of the bush, but in particular his love for wildlife photography. Cameron Scott is a guide at Lion Sands River Lodge, one of […]

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Majeka House

5 Of Our Most Romantic Hotel Rooms

Planning a romantic getaway or honeymoon can be a stressful experience. It’s that desire to get it all ‘just right’. Especially for perfectionists in the art of romance, finding a hotel room that strikes just the perfect romantic note, the pressure can be immense! In Southern Africa, however, the options for romance are endless. Perhaps […]

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Scuba diving in Mozambique

Top Things to Do in Mozambique: Attractions, Sights & Activities

Mozambique is a spectacular country. With over 2,500 kilometers of pristine coastline, it’s not surprising that most of the country’s popular activities revolve around the ocean. Its beaches are remote and still largely isolated and protected from the ravages of too many visitors (unlike the beaches in the Med), and the crystal clear warm water […]

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Kirsten-Goss-Shaman collection

5 Jewellers To Visit In Africa

Since the dawn of time humans have sought to adorn themselves with beautiful beads, metals and precious stones. Today is no different with diverse cultures all over the world expressing themselves through their jewellery. But have you ever bought something on your travels that reminded you of the place you visited or embodies the essence […]

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Ebola Map

Ebola: Putting Things Into Perspective

Ebola. The mere mention of this word sends a shiver down most people’s spines. On a daily basis, we are being bombarded with new updates and statistics by a media that is hungry to sink its teeth into a new epidemic story. But what are the facts about this disease and do you need to […]

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