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5 Jewellers To Visit In Africa

Since the dawn of time humans have sought to adorn themselves with beautiful beads, metals and precious stones. Today is no different with diverse cultures all over the world expressing themselves through their jewellery. But have you ever bought something on your travels that reminded you of the place you visited or embodies the essence […]

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Ebola Map

Ebola: Putting Things Into Perspective

Ebola. The mere mention of this word sends a shiver down most people’s spines. On a daily basis, we are being bombarded with new updates and statistics by a media that is hungry to sink its teeth into a new epidemic story. But what are the facts about this disease and do you need to […]

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Penguins at Boulders Beach

The Penguins Of Boulders Beach

There is no doubt that penguins are amongst the best-loved birds on the planet. Popular culture has spotlighted their lifestyle and habitats even further with movies such as Happy Feet and March of the Penguins. The TV screen is as far as many people will ever get to see these charismatic creatures of the Atlantic […]

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Greystoke Mahale

Africa’s Finest: Our Top 4 Eco-Resorts in Tanzania

We return to one of our much-loved ecotourism books: Africa’s Finest, and this time around our focus is on Tanzania. Recently published by renowned conservationist (and Wilderness Safaris founder) Colin Bell, the book arose out of co-writer David Bristow and Bell’s collaboration of giving the safari industry a audit on their commitment to eco-tourism excellence, […]

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The Hide

Our Top 10 Sofa Safaris

Would it be sacrilegious to go on safari without actually donning a bush hat and boots and stepping out into the heat? Is it possible (or even acceptable) to be ‘on safari’ without even venturing out from the comfort of the lodge? The answer is  yes and is known in safari circles as a ‘Sofa […]

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Bree Street

10 Reasons Why Bree Street Is Cape Town’s Trendiest

I have been looking forward to writing a blog about Bree Street for some time now. So I was really excited to head down there on a beautiful Cape Town afternoon to soak up some of the energy of this vibrant street and to find out, is this really Cape Town’s trendiest? Since 2013, this […]

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Our Top 10 Family Friendly Safaris in Southern Africa

Southern Africa is a place of great magic, adventure and excitement, but that doesn’t mean it has to exclude your little ones. This corner of the world is a wonderful place for families to play, learn and bond together. Children of all ages will revel in the space and diversity of nature here and delight […]

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Namaqualand flowers

Where To See The Best Spring Flowers: Our Top 4 Picks

Spring in the Western Cape region of South Africa is a marvellous time for a multitude of reasons – the gorgeous weather, the crisp fresh air and, perhaps best of all, the bloom of flowers across the region. The Cape’s magnificent spring flower display has become world famous, with locals and tourists alike making pilgrimages […]

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Acacia against sunset

The Incredible Acacia Tree Phenomenon

Close your eyes and picture the African landscape … what trees do you see? The thorny Acacia tree you picture in your mind’s eye is synonymous with the savannah and African safaris, recognizable by its classic ‘umbrella’ canopy and is part of a large family (genus) of trees with hundreds of species growing in the tropics and […]

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Irma Stern Museum

5 Of Our Best-Loved Cape Town Art Galleries

Cape Town is on a roll this year. Not only was the beautiful Mother City named as one of the Top 10 Cities to Travel to in 2014 by the Lonely Planet, but the NY Times also recently named it as one of their Top 10 hippest cities in the world. This city is not […]

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