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African Wild Dogs

Fascinating African Wild Dog Facts And Where To See Them

The African Wild Dog is one of Africa’s lesser known predators, but also one of its most fascinating and most proficient hunters. With a hunting success rate of around 80%, these dogs are pure poetry in motion when on a hunt, easily beating the 30% success rate of lions. But how do they do it […]

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migration featured image

Great Migration Safaris – Where To See The Wildebeest Migration In Tanzania

Lauded, and understandably so, as one of the greatest wildlife shows on earth, if not ‘the Greatest Show on Earth’, sure to leave you in utter awe and absolute amazement, the annual Wildebeest Migration of East Africa, or ‘the Great Migration’ … or simply, ‘the Migration’ … is without doubt, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If the […]

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Welcome to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe – the recovery and the reawakening

Over the course of the last few decades, Zimbabwe has experienced a number of ill-fated political challenges; in terms of tourism the country has all but lost a decade, with understandably cynical visitors looking to neighbouring Southern African countries to book their African safari and wildlife holidays. Very happily, this somewhat sad situation seems to […]

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Young Masai Giraffe

All Things Giraffe

Known for their long elegant necks and beautiful leopard-like spotted coats, the giraffe is one of the most recognizable and loved mammals in the animal kingdom. From being depicted in children’s books, to being seen in zoo’s across the world and consistent sightings on safari, this fascinating animal has mesmerized man for centuries. But did […]

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Safari-Blue-1a copy

Delightful snorkeling day-trip with Safari Blue in Zanzibar

Although our holiday planning doesn’t always revolve around diving, we are keen divers and snorkelers, who are more often than not aware of the marine possibilities at our impending destination. Zanzibar (an island off the coast of Tanzania) is well known for its pearly beaches and sapphire blue waters, and before we departed for the Islands […]

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Manyangana High School

Family Donates Soccer Kit To Thornybush School – Smiles All Round!

Once in a while, we come across a feel-good story, that warms our hearts, and this is certainly one of those! While planning the safari adventure that consultant Ilze Fox put together for them, the King family from Cincinnati decided that they wanted to donate useful and practical items to a local community initiative in Africa. They […]

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Breakfast in the Lamai Wedge

Trip Report : My Tanzania Safari – March 2016

Editor’s note:  Charlie Ratcliffe is one of Cape Town’s best tour guides but truth be told his heart is happiest in the wilderness.  Here is a recent account of an enviable Tanzania safari.  Since a child, I had heard of a vast expanse of African wilderness where the great herds still roam by the thousands. […]

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Why Shamwari is the best Big 5 reserve in the Eastern Cape

If you want to see the Big Five (plus a wide variety of other animals and birds) in a malaria-free environment within easy access to Cape Town and the Garden Route then Shamwari is your best option.  Honeymooners will love the more exclusive tented Bayethe Camp or Eagles Cragg and families are superbly taken care of […]

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