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Tree climbing Lions Lake Manyara Nat Park

Why Do Some Lions Climb Trees? A closer look at tree climbing lions

If you’ve ever had the privilege of seeing a lion close-up in the African bush, you will know just how incredibly regal and majestic these animals really are. But seeing a whole pride suspended high in the branches of a tree? Now that’s an entirely different story, and one you would not readily expect to […]

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masai warrior tour

Ancient African Tribes in Modern Times

We live in a time where ancient cultures are fast disappearing and are a true privilege to encounter. Very rarely can one experience an authentic tribe, and it is this that sets the safari experience in Kenya apart from the rest of Africa. Even more fascinating than encountering the ancient customs of two of  the […]

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lise balloon 2

Amazing Tanzania – vast herds, a crater and hot air balloons

From Lake Manyara Tree Camp, our safari then ventured into the open spaces and to two of my most eagerly awaited destinations, the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti. The crater at Ngorongoro is the largest inactive and intact caldera in the world, formed when a massive volcano erupted and collapsed in on itself causing this massive […]

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Bootlegger Coffee Shop

5 Of The Best Coffee Shops In Cape Town For Freelancers

With the emerging trend for workplace flexibility, Cape Town’s trendy coffee shops and cafés have been transforming into ‘coffices’ to offer freelancers, remote flexi-workers and entrepreneurs an office-away-from-the-office complete with free WiFi, the best brews in town, and tasty treats to nibble on as you type or Skype. We have rounded up the best picks […]

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Musings of my Tanzania trip

As a Danish person living in Africa it was probably impossible for the iconic film Out of Africa to fail having an impression on me. Although I was just a wee little thing when the movie was released in the mid 80’s, the scenes of Meryl Streep’s Karen Blixen and her doomed lover Denys Finch Hatton (a […]

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mount kenya banner

Kenya Adventure Safaris: Our Top 5 Wildest Experiences & Activities

Northern Kenya boasts some of the most diverse wilderness in East Africa. From the ice-tipped jagged peaks of Mount Kenya, down the cascade of green foothills on its base, through pockets of forest, out onto the vast, desert landscape all the way to the Jade Sea – Lake Turkana, Northern Kenya is a land of […]

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Rhino family at Kruger National Park

Who’s moving the Rhinos?

Sitting at my desk researching ‘the rhino story’ I couldn’t check the tears blurring my vision. No matter how many times I’m confronted by the stories, no matter how often I’m greeted by the headlines, no matter the frequent exposure to the gruesome images and the horrendous brutality, the truth never ceases to thoroughly rattle […]

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Alex Walker's Serian The Nest

5 Romantic Hideaways You’ve Never Heard Of

Let’s face it, most of us will confess to sitting at work daydreaming of a romantic weekend away. The plotting and planning can be fun and can start here! So don’t just dream about it, read on, grab your loved one, flee the responsibilities of your ‘real life’ for a while and book a romantic […]

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ngorongoro crowds

Why it’s Smart to Travel in Shoulder Season

I strongly dislike crowds. Any crowds. Concert crowds, crowds at a sale, food stall crowds, crowds on a beach, holiday crowds. All crowds really! Crowds and I are not happy bed fellows. Crowds, or to be more specific, the general lack thereof, are my ‘main’ and particular reason for planning my holidays in shoulder season. I […]

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