The Skeleton Coast stretches from the Swakop River in Namibia all the way to the Kunene River in Angola, its name a testament to the raw and unforgiving landscape which sits wedged between the Namib Dessert (the oldest in the world) and the constantly turbulent and frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The native Bushmen described it as ‘the land that God made in anger’ and the coastline sits littered with bleached whale skeletons and is steeped in captivating shipwreck history. Visitors to the region will be struck by the seemingly endless dessert vistas and towering sand dunes, it is truly a place where one can experience nature in its rawest sense. Described by many as the loneliest coastline in the world, lonely even in comparison to the rest of the country which is the second least densely populated country in the world, it’s a place of powerful reprieve from the hum drum of modern life.

The best way to travel to this isolated and unspoiled corner of the world is by light aircraft, and the aerial view is bound to instill a deep appreciation for the areas seemingly incomprehensible expansiveness. We recommend staying at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, a beautifully appointed yet ecologically sensitively designed and built camp set in the Hoanib River valley. From here you can go on fascination excursions inland and down to the coast for once in a lifetime encounters with the desert adapted wildlife like the desert lions, desert elephant, giraffe and black rhino as well as many other unique animals. The perilous landscape offers up a surprising oasis, not only as a place of great escape, but also as a home to an array unusual creatures which have adapted to carve a living out from the baking sands. Free roaming desert lions, black rhino and dessert elephant trundle through the expansive moonscape and there is a variety of curious insects, amphibians and plant life that have learnt to etch a living from the brutal environment. When darkness sets along the dessert coastline it offers up astounding views of our galaxy and beyond, with no light pollution to speak of, the night sky envelops the land and the expanse of nothingness is transformed into an otherworldly experience.