Lake Naivasha & Lake Nakuru

Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru are two lakes located in the Great Rift Valley that bisects much of Kenya (and indeed Africa).  The Rift Valley is an active continental rift zone whereby the African plate is busy splitting into two new plates, named the Somali and Nubian Plates respectively.

The Rift Valley Lake area is a great starting point in Kenya as it is just a short drive from the capital Nairobi and there are direct flights from Naivasha to the Masaai Mara. These lakes include some of the oldest, deepest and largest in the world. Lake Nakuru, located in Lake Nakuru National Park, is a soda lake that is famed for attracting millions of flamingos and pelicans that come to feast on the abundance of algae. The sheer number of flamingos has led to Lake Nakuru being known as the scene of ‘The Greatest Bird Spectacle’ in the world. It’s not all flamingos though – there are over 400 species of bird in Lake Nakuru National Park.

The area around the lake is also home to baboons, warthogs and other large mammals such as the recently introduced white and black rhinos and a small but often-sighted lion and leopard population.

Lake Naivasha – which means ‘rough water’ in Masaai – is a freshwater lake just north of Nairobi and is easily accessible by road from the capital. Sitting at the highest point on the Kenyan Rift Valley, Lake Naivasha has amazing views of the escarpment and is a photographers dream. The lake is home to a sizeable hippo population that has flourished on the plentiful fish in its fresh waters.

With so much to see in the Great Rift Valley lake area, chat to our expert consultants who have been there before to perfectly plan your visit to one of Kenya’s most beautiful regions.


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