Linyanti and Savuti

The Linyanti Wildlife Reserve in northern Botswana borders the Chobe National Park and lies just above the Okavango Delta and offers great ecological diversity and luxurious, secluded camps. Running along the southern banks of the Linyanti River, the reserve is blessed with an abundance of game who thrive in the marsh and it’s surrounding grasslands.

During the dry winter months, elephants are found in large numbers around the waterholes and river mouth – particularly around Kings Camp – while the thousands of grazing zebras eat their full before migrating south to Savuti in November. The region is also home to the fascinating aquatic sitatunga antelope who have specially adapted hooves for the swampy marsh, and submerge underwater when threatened.

Activities are diverse and guests can experience game viewing by boat, open 4×4 vehicle and occasionally on foot on the banks of the Savuti Channel, the Linyanti River and the Selinda Spillway – which links the Okavango and Linyati River systems. There are both day and night game drives which means you are able to view a larger number of animals and nocturnal species.

A small number of private camps share the Linyanti region, ensuring that guests are able to view the abundant wildlife privately and exclusively. The famous Savuti Camp has seven ‘Meru’ style tented rooms on wooden decks facing the channel, offering superb game viewing from the comfort of a deck chair whilst the outdoor boma means dinner is eaten under the blanket of the African sky.


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