The largest city in East Africa and the capital of Kenya, Nairobi is a bustling city affectionately known as ‘Safari City’ or ‘Green City in the Sun’ (owing to it’s many public parks and green spaces).  Replacing Mombasa as the capital city during colonial times, Nairobi became popular with visitors who would spend a night or two in the city before and after a safari. Not much has changed in that regard and so Nairobi fulfills a vital transit role for the rest of Kenya. So much more than just a stopover, a visit to Nairobi can be incredibly rewarding in its own right. Remnants of its colonial past include beautiful British architecture, luxurious hotels and a variety of pubs and restaurants. The wealthy, leafy suburbs of Karen and Ngong Hills are popular with expatriates and have all the usual modern amenities you might require while the city center hustles and bustles with traditional Kenyan markets and crowded alleyways.

Attractions in the city itself include the Giraffe Centre and the famous Sheldrick’s Elephant Orphanage. Founded by Dame Daphne Sheldrick in the 1970’s, the Elephant Orphanage specializes in raising and reintegrating orphaned elephants into the wild. The Orphanage provides a great opportunity to interact with the gentle giants and makes for a very informative, rewarding experience.

Tea and coffee enthusiasts can sample their beverages of choice straight from the plantation itself, just an hour or so drive from the city center while film enthusiasts can visit the Lauren Blixen Museum where the Robert Redford classic ‘Out of Africa’ was shot.

With a variety of day trips and easy accessibility via it’s international airport, spend a day or two soaking up urban Kenya in Nairobi and experience one of Africa’s great cities.


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