A detailed client review of the new Makanyi Game Lodge

Dear Lise,

Makanyi Game Lodge was wonderful! We both enjoyed our stay there enormously. The accommodation is very comfortable with large “rooms” plus a gas fire in the sitting room. The food was good, better with one of the chefs than the other, Ricco the manager was a delight and could not have been more helpful. Our guide and tracker were very well informed, accommodating and interesting. All I all it was an excellent recommendation, thank you.

There was one fly in the ointment and one over which you have no control, namely the weather. We arrived in Hoedspruit to a glorious afternoon with a temperature of 26C and had a marvellous game drive seeing 4 of the Big 5 plus lovely birds and trees (Riaan and the tracker were hot on both)  – we subsequently saw elephant. As we got back to the lodge they were just rearranging for dinner to be inside as the wind had got up. The following morning we were blanketed under thick grey cloud with a very chilly wind blowing which remained in place for our 3 days and only started to clear on the last morning. I was really disappointed as the game stay in the bushes to keep warm as do the birds and they also look dull without the sun to pick out their dazzling plumage. We did see a large number of white rhino.

Where Makanyi earned extra stars was that we each had our own electric blanket and they provided wonderfully light but warm fleece dressing gowns – both of which were really welcome!

Our driver back to Hoedspruit was a charming  guy from Zimbabwe whose name I am afraid I cannot recall – ?Franklin (names have never been my strongpoint). Anyway he said he knew you well from a business point of view. He was a delight and passionate about the bush so pointed out some wonders such as an eagle’s nest with young in, interesting trees etc.. In fact, now that it was much warmer we saw more game than we had on the previous two game drives. It is called Sod’s Law. Anyway, I said I would let you know he had been our driver.

I am sure you will be hearing from us again. In the meantime go well and enjoy the lovely weather that is ahead of you.

Kind regards