Cape Town, Garden Route and an Eastern Cape safari

HI Liesl,

We had a wonderful time visiting your home country. Really enjoyed ourselves and found the whole trip to be wonderful! The accommodations you booked us in were all really lovely places.  We really liked them all…. Such wonderful service, such attention to detail, the staff at all of them were great…

Our room at Beachy Head  Villa in Plettenberg Bay was the best… best view in the house with an ocean view balcony.  Really enjoyed the “turn down drinks” at Beachy Head Villa.  We had some wonderful meals there.. The hotel managers suggested some really good restaurants there. Went to Nguni (really great) and this other one that was a bit of drive but well worth it. Name started with an L maybe or something like that. African motif in the middle of nowhere… 

In Hermanus (staying at Mosselberg) we booked a tour with Percy Tours and had a wonderful tour guide named Tanya who took us to view the whales on the coast and then she took us at various other locations around Hermanus. I think she liked us because we were the only one on the tour with us that was supposed to be a two hour tour, but she stayed with us for three hours! 

We also had that wonderful tour guide named Rob who owns Canopy Tours in Cape Town. Would highly recommend him. Went to Robben Island on our own too while in Cape Town. That was a very moving experience. 

Ride from Cape Town to Hermanus was long but very pretty. Enjoyed it. Loved Hermanus…it is very pretty, isn’t it? Also loved Plettenberg Bay. Went to Elephant Sanctuary in Knysna and had fun there. Also took a Segway tour in the forest there and had a blast doing that. Also went to Birds of Prey show in Knysna area as well. 

And the safari at Kwandwe was outstanding! Loved Kwandwe… Loved the place, the staff, the rooms, the food was out of this world!  We felt like they gave us so much food, we were always eating!  And such wonderful food as well. Our ranger, Alfie, was married to the Executive Chef of the entire place, and boy does she do a good job.  The first day we arrived, it was 3 pm and we made it in time to go on safari in the afternoon. Saw so many animals just that first day… In the three days we were there we went on 6 safari rides. All were great… Alfie and our tracker Jay were really nice and fun. 

Loved Amarula.. have to find some here in the States or order it online. I loved that Kwandwe is a small place, with only a max of 18 adults at any one time. It makes the staff take such good care of you. and they are so flexible with things. The first night we were there, I asked them how late dinner went to, and the one woman Thandy there told me, “whenever you are done”… We would really like to go back there some  day or another safari resort with our two adult sons…

 The second or third day we were there, we got to see two killings… One was where we watched four lionesses hunt these two warthogs, and we could see them surround the two animals. Then they pounced, and our trusty ranger Alfie raced to the scene and when we got there, the four lionesses were eating the warthog…One got away, thank God… Then we saw a cheetah eating a baby kudu or impala, I forget which. That was kinda sad. The killing was gory though. I could only look for a little bit.. The only animal we did not see, was the leopard although we tried one afternoon to find it. Saw pretty much everything else though.

South Africa is a beautiful place  and kinda magical, I think. Thank you so much for arranging everything for us.  You  did an outstanding job! I  know we could not have done it without you. And the places you put us in were all so lovely with great staff,great rooms, etc.  We really appreciated your attention to detail, Liesl. 

I hope we get to work with you again sometime soon. I actually suggested to my younger son that maybe we should all go to safari for a college graduation present! We shall see! 

Gail and John



View Mosselberg on Grotto Beach
View The Robberg Beach Lodge
View Kwandwe Great Fish River Lodge