Cape Town and Kruger with an emphasis on animal interactions

Hi Liesl:

I just wanted to express an immense thank you for our fabulous trip to SA! What a beautiful country you live in! We had a blast. The hotel, restaurants, and safari lodge you recommended were all perfect for us, with excellent food, service, and experiences.

Charles Ratcliffe taught us great things about the wineries of the Cape and provided the perfect balance of attentiveness and privacy. He planned a fantastic day for us, and I’m so glad we left the choice of vineyards up to him. He also talked very openly with us about the history and politics of South Africa, pointed out some of the poorer and shanty town areas, and talked about how things have changed and not changed. We really loved getting to hear about South Africa from a native’s point of view. We had an amazing time and would love to spend another day with him! 

The Elephant Whisperers was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I am so thankful we squeezed that in. We learned a ton on that visit and had a lovely experience. The ride was awesome, but the interaction is really what made the entire experience. No one else in my work group got to have the elephant experience that we did. I got to touch their eyelashes! How insane! Our driver that day from Seasons in Africa was a guy named Chris and he taught us so much about tribal culture, Hazyview, and Kruger. We had a blast with him! It was like having a private tour guide. We loved learning more about SA culture, especially as it is with some of the northern tribes.

 We also visited Ukatula Lion Park in Brits and it was incredible (I honestly am not sure I could pick a favorite between the elephant and lion experience, except I like elephants as animals a little more!). I don’t know if Ukatula is a place you work with, but we had a fantastic experience there! The staff was really attentive, the lion interactions were full of education (like Elephant Whisperers) and we had very intimate encounters with different aged lions, tigers, cheetahs, and caracal. We also got to see fully grown cats (in enclosures) and hyenas. They served us delicious snacks, coffee, and lots of water. They have a lodge there and the facilities we saw seemed quite nice. Like the elephants, it’s a place I’d love to return to.

I have immense praise for you and everything you prepared for this honeymoon. It was truly a once in a lifetime type of experience (that I hope to repeat!!). I can’t thank you enough for all your assistance, guidance, and the amazing memories we were able to have.

I’m now hooked on South African Rose and Pinotage!

Thank you again, Liesl!


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