Cape Town, a Kruger Safari and Elephant Whispers

We had an incredible time. I really want to thank you for all the effort you put into arranging our trip. Everything was top notch. Every place we went, we were picked up right on time and all the transfers went very smoothly.

The accommodations at both Ngala safari Lodge and Kirkman’s Kamp were very nice. The food was fantastic – the only issue we had with it was that there was just TOO MUCH food! We were really impressed with the quality and variety of the food. We got to try impala, kudu, ostrich, and wart hog (which reminded me a lot of sirloin). The staff at both resorts were very friendly and made sure our needs were attended to.

The safaris at both camps were absolutely amazing! We saw everything!! We saw lions with cubs, leopards with cubs, elephants galore, water buffalo, rhinos – the Big Five – wart hogs, wildebeest, baboons, zebra, giraffe, you name it we saw it! We were even fortunate enough to see a pack of wild dogs in Ngala AND two cheetahs – both very rare – which got us to the Magnificent Seven! One of the most amazing (and yet disturbing) things we got to see was an 8-10 foot Rock Python that had caught a baby impala and was devouring it! Our tracker said he’d never seen that in over 20 years of tracking. The pictures we got were fantastic. The animals are so accustomed to the vehicles that we could get within 15-20 feet of them with no trouble. The ranges and trackers at both camps were very knowledgeable and took great care of us. And of course, cocktails every evening out on the bush was almost surreal!

The elephant encounter at Elephant Whispers was incredible. The elephants were very gentle and well trained and the trainers certainly seemed to treat the animals well. Getting a chance to ride them was a once in a lifetime experience that we will never forget.

Cape Town (stayed at Cape Cadogan) was a lot of fun as well. The tour guide you arranged for us, Charlie Ratcliffe,  was amazing. He was very knowledgeable of the area, picked us up on time and was a great guide. We really enjoyed his company and tours. We were able to get up to Table Mountain, saw the wine country, the penguins, and the Cape of Good Hope. We really enjoyed Cape Town. Finally, the staff at Cape Cadogan where we stayed was very helpful and did everything they could to make our visit as pleasant as possible. We can’t say enough about them or the hotel.

Thanks, Rhys

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