Cape Town plus a safari at both Kapama and Dulini


Now that we’re back stateside I wanted to let you know how our trip went. I first want to say thank you so much for all your help and insight, the trip went perfectly. On our last safari, it was hard to leave. South Africa is truly an amazing, beautiful country that we look forward to visiting again.

Cape Town
We were extremely lucky with the weather. The only thing we weren’t able to do, due to heavy fog, was Cape of Good Hope.

As for the hotel (Derwent House) it was perfect. The people who worked at the hotel were so nice and attentive. The breakfast was perfect (highly enjoyed the hot oats with honey and bananas), and it was nice to come back late to the hotel and be able to help ourselves to some snacks and wine (there was an honour system where you just marked what you took).

Lastly, the restaurants you recommended were perfection. Kitima had the best spicy tuna roll I had ever eaten. I won’t even begin talking about Pot Luck Club because everyone knows how AMAZING it is. We loved sitting at the kitchen table. I’ll be returning to Cape Town just so I can eat there again.

Kapama Buffalo Camp
We both disagreed on our favorite camps, but Kapama was my favorite. From my understanding, I believe Kapama actually owns all those 13,000 hectares so its easier to see a range of animals which, for my first time on safari, was perfect.

Our ranger, Coleen, was beyond amazing. He wasn’t overly friendly or trying too hard to impress the guests. He was just SO informative, and we asked alot of questions. On our last afternoon and morning drive, we were actually alone in the jeep since the other couples had left and he asked what we wanted to see (since we had basically seen everything except a cheetah), and we told him that he was the professional, so he should decide. He made both of our final drives so incredible and memorable.

The rooms were beautiful. The only downfall, on a windy night, its extremely hard to sleep from the sounds of the tent being shaken.

I think we would both agree that the food at Kapama was better than Dulini. They just give you more options. Plus, Kapama’s afternoon tea can not be beaten. The chef who does the baked goods deserves an award. I wanted to bring her home. Dulini didn’t really do an afternoon tea aside from just giving us beverages before heading out.

There is one thing I’ll say Dulini did better, and that was the lodge staff. Kapama’s staff was polite and accommodating, but they weren’t as spectacular as Dulini.

Now for my husband’s favorite. Those rooms are stunning. When we left Kapama, we were thinking “There’s no way something is going to be nicer than this”, and we were wrong. Due to the price difference, we were concerned that Dulini wouldn’t live up to the hype, but it absolutely did.

The lodge staff was so nice and sweet. We had Reply and Maurice, and they were the sweetest men possible. Knowing I wasn’t much of a drinker, when we’d get back from afternoon drives, they’d have a lemonade waiting for me while the other drank their cocktails. I never asked for it or made a comment that I felt left out, they just automatically did it. The service from the lodge staff just can’t be beat.

We also enjoyed the vehicles at Dulini more due to the fact that they were rows of 2 people instead of 3. One great thing about Dulini, is that they actually go off road which is pretty great when you’re following a leopard.

Our ranger and tracker, Patrick and Tyrone, were great. Tyrone, the tracker, seemed more involved here, but Patrick didn’t give as much information as Coleen during the drive. Regardless, we enjoyed the drives and learning when they did inform us of something new.

The braai at Dulini were great! I think at the end of the trip, I had eaten my weight in pap.

We can’t wait to go back. We talk about our experiences every day, wishing we could go back tomorrow. We had such high hopes since this was our dream vacation, and with your help, our hopes were surpassed. I don’t think we could have even imagined what a stunning vacation this could have been.

We had planned on taking my mother to Germany for a surprise gift, but now we’re thinking we need to take her to South Africa.

Thank you again Liesl for everything!


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