Cape Town (with Charlie) Dulini & Vic Falls

Liesl –

I can’t thank you enough.  Our experience in South Africa and Zambia, from arrival to departure, was entirely magnificent . . . thanks to you and Southern Destinations.   

Dulini was absolutely fabulous.  The people there (staff, rangers, trackers, butlers, chefs) were wonderful.  Their attention to detail and personal attention was incredible.  They really focus on knowing their guests and making sure they are satisfied and many times pleasantly surprised.  They definitely spoiled us for the rest of the trip.  We actually had no rain in Dulini until the evening before our departure.  So the rain never interfered with our game drives. 

Victoria Falls was beautiful.  However, it rained practically the entire time we were there, so we did not get a chance to do much other than relax.

Cape Town was great.  Charlie is an outstanding guide and went out of his way to accommodate us and plan everything.  He really is terrific.  He took us to the Old Biscuit Mill farmers market, got us into Delaire Graff, took us to a couple of beautiful wineries, kept us ahead of the crowds at Cape Point and was all around wonderful. We were very happy with him and really enjoyed is service and attention. 

All in all are were very, very happy with our experience.  Thank YOU!  Know that we will recommend you and Southern Destination (and Dulini and Charlie!)  to all who ask or who we learn are planning a trip to South Africa.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!   

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