Constructive feedback of safari to Mashatu, Phinda & Londolozi

Hi Liesl,

I will focus on safari locations, as choice of city hotels is less critical to your clients.  By the way, both Peech and Derwent are great.


        Wildlife: They only have 3 out of big 5, but sighting quality is excellent.  In particular, leopard sighting is as strong as Londolozi.  We had 5 separate leopard sightings in 3 days, even witnessed a leopard attacking eagle nest in the tree and feasting on eagle chicks.  This is where we saw eland, which we did not see elsewhere.

        Game drive: We did notice 1 vehicle with middle-seat occupied, which is not ideal but it could be a large group wishing to be together.  We were never on such vehicle here (or anywhere else)..

        Tent camp accommodation: Rustic but perfectly comfortable.  Food is very good, served buffet style.

        Main camp accommodation: More like a big hotel room.  Food is also very good.

        Rangers: Good guiding, and very friendly.  A little weak in hosting (not the center of dinner table conversation).


        Wildlife: Very good with big 5 plus cheetah.  This is where we completed our big 5 experience, with both black and white rhino.  We had 3 separate cheetah sightings, and witnessed lion-rhino interaction.  Leopard is rare.  We did see it once on night drive, but our ranger said they did not have a leopard viewing for nearly a month.

        Accommodation: Stylish.  Food is very good, with lighter options (very welcome by then).

        Rangers: Excellent.  Our ranger is a girl in her late 20s, very cool, even showing us how to take selfie with animals in the background.  She was the first one to find cheetah on all 3 occasions, giving us opportunity to view in solitude before the others joined us after she radioed the location.  Good hosting.


        Wildlife: We have already seen all major species prior to Londolozi, yet it continues to delivering exciting action on every game drive.  We saw leopard eating bushbuck, duiker, and nyala in the tree.  We saw attempted hunt by lion one day, and came back next day to see big male lion guarding buffalo kill.  Never a dull moment.  We did not see a cheetah.

        Accommodation: Like a hotel, with lots of history and character.  Food is very good, just wish portions are smaller.  Really not their fault but by that point, generosity is almost a negative 🙂 

        Rangers: Excellent again.  Our ranger looks more like a young scholar, very knowledgeable.  He was good in anticipating where animal was heading, and got us in prime position waiting for action.  Great hosting with unforgettable stories shared at dinner table.


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