Delightful African hospitality at Kapama Karula

We were warmly greeted upon arrival by Juluka.

The entire staff of the lodge were exceptional!

Patrick (chef) was very engaging, accommodating (although, he did laugh off my request for lobster curry) and jovial to talk to. With his pleasant personality and eagerness to broaden his culinary skills…he actually had me write down my recipe for Indian chai, after I let him know exactly how I wanted it. He is definitely a great asset to the lodge in my opinion. Juluka, the guide seemed like he was constantly trying his best.

Edwin, the tracker, is just a very likeable person.

The lodge managers, Andries and Teresa were always available.  They both introduced themselves to me on the same day. Both seemed very capable individuals who, presumably, made all the guests feel welcomed and well taken care of…they certainly came across to me and my family that way.

Bricks and Emotion were our servers. They were both trying hard. I liked Emotion more even though he messed-up our orders and forgot to order certain things completely. We liked him enough to not even bother to remind him. He came across new to waiting on guests and lacked confidence in engaging with the guests…just my observation. Although, as an American, and I realize this has to be a cultural difference because I found the service in general at these highly rated establishments a tad too laid back for my liking.

The room attendants (I do not recall their names) always greeted me whenever our walking paths crossed.


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