Even on a tight budget, you can still have a great safari

I am on board Delta #201 to Atlanta, and now would be a good time to let you have my comments on our travels on your continent.

So here goes, in chronological order:

Cape Town  –  Beautiful city, interesting, spectacular vistas. Hotel fine, but really due mostly to location. Staff not very competent. David did a wonderful job in hosting our tours and made us understand the city and its people. I would keep him if I were you! The two day trips were just right and Davidmade them work so well. Thanks again, David. The huge divide between rich and poor is in stark evidence in your town!

Little Bush, Sabi Sabi –   The best! Small, intimate, outstanding service and people. Ranger and tracker excellent, food top of the line, accommodations the best on trip. We were very happy with this selection.

Tanda Tula, Timbavati –  Fun tent experience, outstanding safaris, food OK but not to Little Bush standards. Outstanding game viewing, competent staff, really liked Dale, the general manager. High level of service. Good local flavor, did some tribal dancing after dinner. We would return happily.

Johannesburg –  Protea Hotel not up to standard. Too far from airport. Staff incompetent, tour driver meant well, but city tour disappointing, mostly because the city is not particularly exciting. We would not return here again. It’s a large unexciting a bit dirty city, much like Chicago. By the way, all our drivers were on time, polite, well spoken and we were very happy with them all.

Victoria Falls –   Spectacular sight. Really happy we included this on trip. Irritated that one day visit to Falls for the two of us cost $200!! Robbery! Niagara Falls are free to all. Town of Livingstone a bit scary to walk around in, and museum is not worth the time. Lodge (David Livingstone)  is a bit tourists, but perfectly OK for a stay for the Falls. Food not great, but service very attentive. Enjoyed monkeys on the railings at breakfast, and the house rhino wandering around the place freely and close. Sunset cruise OK. We missed going to the island because nobody told us we had to take a boat to get there and we found out too late.

A second general comment: food and beverage prices throughout the trip were remarkably low. ZAR 500 for a Cape Town dinner that would cost $150 in U.S. Drinks, like Cabernet and J&B whisky for $3 or less. Amazing, and not all due to low priced Rand.

So, in total, you did a wonderful job for us, and we have had an unforgettable trip thanks to you. Excepting Johannesburg, the itinerary was perfect and we saw and experienced exactly — and then some– what we had hoped for.

Thank you thank you thank you


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