Family safari to Kenya

Hi Ilze,

We’re back and had a great trip. Each camp was unique and charming in its own way. The guides were incredible and a delight. The game drives were spectacular and we never expected to see so much wildlife so close up. The Gamewatchers Safari drivers were also thoughtful, knowledgable and helpful. No problems anywhere but I was a bit disappointed with the balloon excursion at Governor’s Camp that we booked through the camp, it was nice but not spectacular although the experience and dining on the plain was great and made the experience very memorable.

The game drives at all three camps was amazing and we were spoiled, although the boys were ready to go home the last two days so one less day would have been perfect. The Macushla House was a treat and a great way to begin. The food was wonderful and the service was excellent at each camp. All of us enjoyed the time in Nairobi at the Giraffe Center and the Lion refuge, etc. We also have several thousand photographs to sort through and organize. It was a very meaningful and memorable trip and we hope it had the intended impact on our teenagers. They were engaged but tired at the end.

Our favorite camp was Encounter Mara in the Naboisho Conservancy. They were so thoughtful and the camp was isolated but elegant. The best food, tents and venue. In fact we had one night totally to ourselves. Our guide, Dickson took us to his sister’s village and it was one of the highlights of the trip. It is a special place and highly recommend the experience. The service is first class, especially in light of the fact that they are so isolated. It was our sons’ favorite venue as well as ours. Very special people and accommodations.

The only two things I would change would be to fly out later from Wilson – mid-morning pick-up if possible but I realize that Safari Link only has so many flights – and that would have cut down our time at the Intrepid Mara. Secondly stay one less day at Governor’s Camp at the end. We were told by an employee that Governor’s is losing money and all three venues had vacancies which was nice for us but we hope they can make it through the tourism downturn. The service at all three camps and Macushla was excellent. No complaints about anything.

Your packing tips were spot on but it was warmer than we expected. We also had no concerns about safety and security. It is a shock being back in Atlanta with our property and waste! The Kenyans are lovely, thoughtful people and we felt very welcomed by literally everyone we met.

Thanks again for all of your planning and insights. You made excellent recommendations for us and we appreciate your support. Let me know if you ever need a reference for a client or if you have any questions about the venues et al.

All the best,


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