Honeymooners Bush & Beach trip to East Africa


Our apologies for the delayed response! We have been quite busy traveling.  We appreciate all of your help in pulling together the trip, as I know we had some changes and a lot of back and forth.  It was a great experience and we truly loved every moment! We appreciated the honeymoon details; rose petals in the room, champagne and often fruit/snacks at each hotel/lodge when we arrived, candlelit, private dinners, private flights, private guides/game drives, massage included at one of the lodges and a few of the lodges gave us their biggest/best room.  We do also appreciate the effort you and the team made to move us from Elephant Pepper Camp to Sand River.  We also loved Pongwe Beach Hotel. It was the nicest beach and we loved the staff. We enjoyed all of the staff from the lodges, our pilot, Peter, and all of our game drive guides, Ali, Wilson and Boni.

While the entire experience was undoubtedly the best vacation we’ve ever had, in the interest of giving you constructive criticism, one thing which we felt could have been improved upon was the food.  While it was not bad by any means (in fact, it was quite good with the exception of the lamb one night at Elsa’s), we personally would have preferred more local fare as opposed to what felt like an overall attempt to accommodate Western appetites.  That being said, we realize not every traveler wants to venture outside of their culinary comfort zone.  Perhaps giving guests the option to choose might be an acceptable solution.  All of this being said, we realize how off the grid these locations are and the challenges that must come along with putting a menu together on this kind of scale, frequency, and variety.

Again, thank you so much for accommodating us by squeezing us into Sand River   from Elephant Pepper Camp last minute.  To that point, we didn’t feel that Elephant Pepper Camp offered much continuity in regard to the rest of the camps.  While it certainly has it’s charms, I would think that compared to camps like Tortilis, Elsa’s, and Sand River, Elephant Pepper Camp is far more basic in the experience.  While this would be fine as a first stop, it’s difficult to leave the luxurious comforts of the other camps for EPC.  Again, this was a one-off situation given our date changes and availability, and we are aware this itinerary is not the norm for most guests.

The final recommendation we would make is this: when we arrived in Nairobi we had a bit of downtime.  We asked Emily from Sky Safari (who was amazing) what we could possibly do before our flight.  She mentioned we may be able to go to an elephant orphanage in Nairobi.  Ultimately we didn’t have enough time for the visit, but I would think that it would be a highlight for guests.  As we weren’t able to visit, I’m not sure of the level of interaction with the elephants, but just a thought.

Adam and I definitely want to come back to Africa, in particular, Tanzania, Uganda/Rwanda and Namibia.

Thank you again for helping us with an incredible experience and an unforgettable honeymoon!

Tiana & Adam

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