Islands of Siankaba

From that first email you and Southern Destinations have been brilliant in dealing with this amazing travel package. This kind of level of professionalism and service excellence is not very common in business and I want to thank you for everything you and your team have done for my husband and I. The travel diary was such a nice touch and made travelling a breeze as did the weekly emails with travel updates. My husband and I have decided to plan another trip for later this year to the Okavango Delta and we will most certainly contact Southern Destinations to assist us.

Livingstone in Zambia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited. The magical Island of Siankaba is breathtaking and it’s hard to believe that such destinations exist. It felt as if we were transported to a magical world, Africa in its raw, untouched form so far removed from the bustling city life that I am used to. Being perched on the mighty Zambezi River, home to hundreds of crocodiles, hippo, elephant stood the most spectacular lodge I have ever visited. From the second we stepped onto the jetty at the entrance to the Island I knew that this was going to be an experience most could only dream of. This lodge is magnificent!!  I have never come across a more friendly, service oriented people whose common desire is to make sure guests are completely comfortable and happy.

The accommodation is elevated for protection from the wild animals with sweeping views of the mighty Zambezi. It was luxury personified. The service was impeccable and I must make special mention of a few people that stood out. Brett and Adam were fantastic hosts and we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them every evening. Lucky, Richard, Brighton and Adorable were outstanding in making sure we were comfortable and relaxed throughout our stay.  Adorable is as adorable as his name and we believe this young man has a great future in the industry as his attention to detail and professionalism (and charm) will hold him in good stead. In fact, the Island of Siankaba’s entire team is just brilliant.

The food was impeccable, the room/chalet was gorgeous and that view is to die for. My husband and I would sit on the balcony pinching ourselves smiling from ear to ear while watching the monkey’s swinging in the trees, hear the groan of hippo’s just a few meters down and listen to the call of the Fish Eagle. It is indescribable really.

The Victoria Falls are majestic and one time I found myself choking back a tear as I was moved by its thunderous power and beauty. Lucky who was our driver, surprised us by taking us to see a thousand year old Baobab tree. He was also eager to teach us about the Small 5. Until then I thought we only had the Big 5 and found this information fascinating. Brighton, our fishing guide took us out to catch some tiger fish and my hubby was thrilled as he caught 2, unfortunately I had a few bites but caught nothing (haha) but thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Another highlight of our trip was on the morning we were to leave. The hotel had arranged for us to have a guided tour of the neighbouring village and it was the most incredible tour ever. The villagers were warm and welcoming and were obliging when I asked if I could take pictures. We met the village head and his wife and that was quite an honour. I salute the Island of Siankaba for doing so much to help this humble village, they built a school, a church and provided a central tap for water. Speaking to the villagers via a translator, they mentioned how before, when collecting water from the river they’d be attacked by crocodiles and hippo. Hearing that made me realize how much I’ve taken for granted as water has been available to me all my life.

This entire experience has ignited that passion and love we have for Africa and we want to thank the Island of Siankaba for that. We congratulate you on your amazing outlook regarding your guests and wish you every success. From my husband: “THANK YOU” and here’s to many many more beautiful adventures

Annabel Davids

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