Botswana & Namibia safari – Machaba Camp, Savute Safari Lodge & Mowani


The people who run Machaba Camp are terrific. Elka and Carl bend over backwards to please. They even set up a private table with all the lanterns outside the tent on our last night, with a bottle of fizz thrown in. How very wonderful of them. The night ended unexpectedly though. There we were really enjoying the moment after the meal, sitting outside and sipping our wine and listening to the animals including the elephant in the river. Suddenly Peter exclaimed ‘Shit, it’s the elephant’. There before us, just yards from us outside the tent, stood a bull elephant, so very large and with his ears standing out, staring at us and looking so ghostly in that light. Probably around 10 pm ish. We did not hear him approach at all. We, inexperienced in these matters were of course terrified. I ran into the tent and hid in the corner (like that was going to save me!) and Peter sounded the air horn. Anyway, said elephant melted away just as he had appeared. Machaba tent was beautiful and the food generally good. Staff were so likeable. Elka picks them very carefully. Shame about the poor level of guiding but to their credit, they did not defend him.

Liesl, we loved being on the Okavango river in the Caprivi Strip. The setting in Camp Chobe was fantastic and we slept well despite a howling gale through the night. Water partly submerged the reeds and other vegetation in the plains before us. It was idyllic. So many birds in front of us and animals on the ridge in the distance.

At Mowani, we were upgraded to the honeymoon suite. We thought we had died and gone to heaven. Wish we could have had dinner on our own there but no chance. We are British and not good at saying. How do you ask someone to go and eat on their own. Its tricky and the only other place I have had a car and driver is India and there they would never join you unless invited to do so and even then reluctantly. Cultural difference I guess. Still, nothing spoiled Namibia for us.

Looking forward to our next trip already.

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