We loved Mowani so much, we returned to get married!

Hi Lise,

I wanted to write to you to say thank you so so much for introducing us to Mowani Mountain Camp 2 years ago. We are beyond grateful to you! We loved it there so much that Dan and I chose to get married there! We just had our wedding there and it was the most amazing dream wedding that we could have asked for. We had the Soweto gospel choir which had been a dream of ours and things could not have been more perfect and that would not have been possible if you hadn’t introduced us to amazing Mowani 2 years ago so we are forever thankful and grateful to you :).

Thank you so so much and thank you for helping our friends Jonny and Phil with their trip (we recommended you).

All the very best and thank you so much again. No doubt we will be in touch in the future for more trips 🙂


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