Lunchtime visitor in Kenya’s Samburu National Park

Arrived here at Elephant Bedroom Camp several hrs. ago. A little earlier than scheduled due to flight changes. Amboseli, as expected was terrific, the herds of elephants and zebra were something to see. The highlight was our two bush walks with Julius, our young Maasai warrior, naturalist.

Walking in the bush surrounded by giraffes by the dozen, zebras by much more than that,  eland wildebeest ostrich etc. is something special. No vehicles just walking the animals tracks with the sounds and scenery knowing that it’s really safe. The predators which aren’t where we are staying don’t come out in the midday heat. Julius, who is now 23, has been walking the bush this way since he was 4 when he first began herding his fathers goats and cattle.

Besides finding the game and describing the native plants and their uses,he gave us quite an education. Of  particular interest was the description of the lion kill which as u probably know is the most significant part of his initiation rite as a warrior. Talk about bravery. Ten young guys confronting a lion with just spears is crazy. It’s their custom, way of life that is now disappearing.

This note was just interrupted by a visitor (big elephant). Take a look at the photo sent seperatly. Can’t make this stuff up.

Just finishing lunch watching the elephants cross the river and the baboons creating havoc on the riverbank.



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