Ngala Safari lodge

My husband I do not know how to thank you for this trip of a lifetime as “Thank You” does not adequately describe how grateful we are.

The minute we arrived at Ngala we were treated like royalty and were blown away by the warm welcome of the reception staff as well as our rangers. It was an honour having Fanie as our tracker as he is quite the local celebrity with a documentary made featuring his amazing skills tracking leopards. Allyn, his team mate and our other ranger was just as amazing and took us deep in the African bush as he promised us that we would not leave without seeing the Super Pride, a pride of 19 lions!!!! And boy does this guy keep his promise as we managed to locate this pride on the last day and what an awe inspiring sight it was indeed.

Ngala is a piece of paradise, absolute luxury without losing the authentic African experience. The food was exquisite and the location was stunning. Our room was beautifully decorated and on our final evening returning to the room after a long day viewing game, the entire pathway leading up to our room/chalet was lit up by paraffin lamps with a waiter on hand to serves us pre-dinner drinks. They also ran a hot bath for us, how they got the timing right amazes me as everything was timed perfectly. Dinner was then served on our porch, it was sooooo romantic.We met a great bunch of people and want to extend our thanks to all of them especially Fanie, Allyn, Andrew, Norman and Ma Connie for an unforgettable experience. The memories we will always treasure and are humbled by it all.


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