Single traveller’s review of her safari trip to Botswana and Victoria Falls

Hi Candice,

Got home yesterday morning and am trying to adjust to being up for almost 40 hours,the 18 hour flight and the two shorter flights. It isn’t easy to have fun!

The trip was absolutely great. I knew I was correct to trust your judgement. I saw 4 of the 5. Mama leopard was seen by almost everyone but me! At Banoka Bush Camp only one jeep saw her. At Xigera we tracked for 2 drives and then, she showed up right in camp. Unfortunately (or perhaps for the best) all guests were in their rooms waiting to be picked up for dinner so only the staff saw her – she was on the bridge to the dining area. Too bad. At Toka Leya I went with the armed rangers and stood within a few feet of several rhino including a baby which was a real treat.

Regarding the camps – here’s my impression:

Banoka Bush Camp was the most rustic. Staff was very good, the traditional evening was the best.

Xigera Camp was probably the best. Staff was excellent and it was very exciting to have large game in camp. Having the elephant right outside the tent was amazing.

Chobe Game Lodge was mixed. It’s really a large resort where the rest were camps and a more authentic experience. The dining staff was horrid – very poor attention to guests. However, it was the best game viewing. The guides – all female – were excellent and went out of their way to get us as close to as much game as possible.

Toka Leya was mixed. The tents were the best, staff was good, manager never did appear. The game viewing was probably the worst. It is quite a small area with no predators. However, the river cruise was quite exciting and the rhino viewing was a once in a lifetime treat.

The only slight hiccup was the transfer from Chobe to Toka Leya. For some reason it was through Bushtrackers and not Wilderness so there was a bit of confusion. They were going to pick me up at a time that would have been during a game drive. I insisted on doing the drive and it ended up not being an issue except for the problems communicating between two companies.

It was a wonderful experience. I met interesting people and other than a lack of cooperation from those darn leopards saw all that I wanted to see.

Thanks again for your patience and excellent advice.


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