Rocktail Beach Camp

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Rocktail Beach Camp

In its natural coastal marine forest setting along 200km of unspoilt private beach, Rocktail Beach Camp is the ultimate diver’s paradise. The Maputuland Marine Reserve offers diving comparable to the Great Barrier Reef, the chance to explore pristine coral reefs as well as daily diving expeditions with whale sharks, dolphins, sharks and giant manta rays. The 17 en-suite rooms have their own viewing decks, cleverly designed with tented walls, providing breathtaking views and a feeling of being immersed in nature. The beach camp is a natural playground for children, who spend their days safely frolicking on the beach, snorkelling and swimming alongside their parents.

The main lodge at the beach camp comprises of a central dining area, a lounge, large terrace, a pool, curio shop and a children’s play room. Of the 17 rooms, 7 are family units, with a shared bathroom and separate bedrooms for adults and children. With their hilltop setting, views extend over the lush vegetation of the forest, through to the shimmering blue ocean. The Honeymoon Suite has been designed with a romantic feel for two, offering exquisite views over the coastal forest and of the Indian Ocean. Guests are also offered the opportunity to enjoy a cultural excursion to Lake Sibaya, to visit the Gugulesizwe community, where one can even visit a Sangoma (Witch Doctor) and explore the area on horseback or on a quad bike. Turtles are a big attraction at Rocktail Beach Camp, during the months of December through to March, when guests are invited to accompany research drives to monitor the 750kg loggerhead and leatherback turtles, their nesting behaviour, and egg-laying on the beach. Guests rate this experience as one of their most memorable of all.

Relaxing on the veranda of your private suite, or over a delicious meal in the dining area of the main lodge, provides a constantly changing vista, animated with bottlenose dolphins, whales and the ever-changing moods of the sea. Being a private beach, undisturbed by development, the Maputuland Marine Reserve offers divers and visitors the rare experience of being alone with the exquisite beauty of nature and the ocean.


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