Serengeti Mara Camp

Release your spirit for adventure and stay at Serengeti Mara Camp, a unique mobile camp situated in the secluded Lamai Wedge in the northern Serengeti territories.  Here you can have your own custom-made, private wildlife adventure in remote African wilderness, and you can get as close to nature as humanly possible while still staying in tented luxury out in the middle of the wild African plains.  The area is isolated with no human intervention, and teems with spectacular wildlife all year round!

The Serengeti Mara Camp is so isolated that it can only be reached via light aircraft.  Here you can experience the African bush and enjoy the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.  Six large tents provide comfortable accommodation.  En suite bathrooms with plush toiletries, flush toilets and outdoor showers ensure that guests feel pampered even in the dusty wild.  Each tent has a comfortable bed and a spacious patio.  Electricity is provided with the help of solar power.  You can store your valuables in safety in a lockable trunk.  You can also charge your computer, camera or phone at one of limited electronic plug points in your tent.  Two experienced and armed rangers are on site to ensure the safety of guests and to act as guides during game drives and walks.  They are also a great source of information around the campfires!

A central area with a fire pit provides a fine space for guests to tell stories with a drink in hand, and to discuss the happenings of the day. One large tent provides a romantic find dining room and comfortable guest lounge area.

This camp offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to encounter and engage with wildlife.  You will be able to hear the animal calls around the camp and see game up close during the day.  Spectacular African sunsets can be enjoyed from your patio and game hikes and drives take place often.  Here you will have the opportunity to feel a part of the African landscape!

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