Sorris Sorris Lodge

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Sorris Sorris Lodge

Land of red stone, dust and sandy desert, Namibia’s beauty lies in its stark moonscapes, its magnificent contrasting colours and endless vistas. The romance and adventure comes from a sense of insignificance in such harsh surrounds and for the visitor, a chance to leave behind reality is an extravagance in itself. Sorris Sorris in Damaraland, Namibia, is a luxury, contemporary style lodge designed and built to be at one with its surrounds – a thoroughly modern expression of an African dwelling. With its perfect perch overlooking the Ugab River and the Brandberg Massif, Namibia’s highest mountain, Sorris Sorris is a luxe desert escape that has it all.

Part of the appeal at Sorris Sorris is the exclusivity of this unique African safari experience. With just nine spacious suites, privacy and a tailormade experience are guarenteed and enormous attention is given to ensure each guests’ expectations are met and a unique and all-encompassing experience is enjoyed. From guided walks exploring the local surrounds and discovering ancient rock art and fascinating geological rock formations to hot air balloon rides high above the desert floor and excursions to track the elusive desert adapted elephant, guests are treated to an experience that encompasses the area in so many ways. There are even cultural excursions to the surrounding Sorris Sorris community on offer and of course an afternoon lounging at the pool-with-a-view is a must.

Designophiles will appreciate the contemporary lines and design of this modern lodge, with its pale raw wood finishes and pared down appearance. Meanwhile gourmet travellers will appreciate that the dining here is excellent, with the resident chefs working hard to present menus that marry both local flavour and international style. An interesting element at Sorris Sorris is the fact that the lodge and its sibling properties work closely with the surrounding community whether through employment or upliftment programs and this is a major drawcard for conscious travel consumers. Couple this with the lodge’s impeccable ‘tread lightly’ eco credentials and the magnificent, rugged mountain surrounds and you have an extraordinary destination for the modern traveller.

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