South Luangwa

With a reputation as one of the best places to view game in the whole of Africa, the South Luangwa region in Zambia is enjoying ever-increasing popularity. The National Park lifeblood is the Luangwa River that sustains over 400 species of birds and some 60 animal species, including all of the Big Five plus lesser-spotted animals such as genets, civets, servals and hyenas. While the region is on the rise, visitor numbers are still comparatively less than better known regions in Southern Africa, so guests enjoy a sense of privacy and seclusion. With accommodation options to suit all budgets, the South Luangwa is an incredibly attractive option for the safari purist.One of the truly great wildlife sanctuaries in Africa, the concentration of game in the South Luangwa National Park makes it an idyllic safari destination. The Luangwa River, with its many lagoons, is the most intact river system in Africa and the lifeblood of the Park.

One of the great attractions of the region, the walking safari actually originated in the park and remains one of the best ways to authentically experience this remote wilderness up close.

Depending on the time of year, the South Luangwa ranges from dry winter bushveld to lush green grassland in the summer. The great river sustains some 60 different animal species and more than 400 bird species, representing an incredibly rich diversity of wildlife. Night drives with experienced guides offer the opportunity to see some fascinating nocturnal animals such as genets, civets, servals, hyenas, bushbabies, owls, nightjars, the foraging hippos, honey badgers and lion.

South Luangwa’s remote location means that visitor numbers are comparatively lower than some of Southern Africa’s better-known wildlife havens. The excellent accommodation options, proliferation of wildlife and experienced guides all combine to make it an incredibly attractive option for the safari enthusiast.


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