Southern Mozambique

When people talk about Mozambique, they are usually referring to the Bazaruto Archipelago. This spectacular collection of palm-fringed islands is the top attraction in Mozambique. Throughout history the coastline of Southern Mozambique has been influenced by the visits of foreign people, and this diversity is reflected by the food and culture of the region. The luxury lodges that you find here cater to the top end visitor with every comfort you could possibly need, but don’t expect low prices!

Established in 1971, Bazaruto National Park protects the flora and fauna, both land and marine, off the Archipelago’s islands. The endless stretches of pristine white sand, offering world class snorkeling, has quickly established the Bazaruto Archipelago as one of the premier beach destinations of the world.

Excellent dive centers offer world-class scuba diving to go further offshore while the deep Mozambique Channel also lures both recreational and specialist game fishermen.

With your choice of several boutique hotels or private villas, accommodation in the Bazaruto Archipelago can be as luxurious or as rustic as you desire. Wherever you stay though, expect sensational sunsets and dinners consisting of some of the freshest, tastiest seafood you’ve ever had. The ‘Star Bars’ have become renowned for their superb sushi, while traditional dhow fishing boats serve up more authentically Mozambique fare.

With plenty of activities to keep you busy, or a paradise to relax and do nothing, you will soon see why Bazaruto Archipelago is a favourite destination for honeymooners. Contact us to perfectly tailor your ideal island romance.


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Southern Mozambique

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