Vamizi Island Lodge

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The quintessential tropical paradise of Vamizi Island is a crescent-shaped gem that forms part of the Quirimbas Archipelago in northern Mozambique. Offering the ultimate in natural luxury, Vamizi Island will indulge and romance even the most discerning traveler. Just 12 kilometers long and a kilometer wide, and lined with dazzling beaches, Vamizi offers the perfect escape. The Lodge mixes elegant sustainability with rustic luxury, to create an exclusively intimate sanctuary. As the only accommodation on the island, its six Private Villas, sleeping approximately 12 people, is uniquely designed in its own elegant style with en-suite bedrooms, spectacular drawing and dining rooms, and peaceful lounging spaces around private pools or the beach.

Each Private Villa come staffed with its own hospitality team including a private chef, butler and driver. Unique features include star-gazing decks, private pools and shaded decks, and each private villa is set in its own three to four acre plot with private beach access to over 100 meters of private beachfront.

Whether you opt to lounge along the iridescent shores, enjoy romantic picnics, explore the lush tropical Acacia, Hibiscus and Casuarina forests (home to a plethora of wildlife) or take up some of the world-class diving opportunities on offer here, Vamizi caters for your every whim. There’s also sports fishing, with the waters here teeming with game fish.

Vamizi is nestled amongst some of the most beautiful reef-scapes in the world, with coral mountains and valleys just beneath the sea’s glossy surface. Marine enthusiasts can enjoy more than 400 species of fish and 46 types of coral, or can delve a little deeper to explore the sheer walled canyon that curls along the island’s eastern edge. Of course, you may be more than content to bob about on the glistening surface, in which case the island’s waters will proudly display a kaleidoscope of color that glitter and change with each hour of the day.

If you fancy a more hands-on pampering session, the Lodge’s spa nourishes and nurtures via a bouquet of carefully selected health and wellness treatments, given by highly trained professionals. Once invigorated, you may decide to venture further into the island to meet the giant coconut crabs or samango monkeys that roam the interior, or be enchanted by the butterflies that dance in the sunlight between the trees. Wherever you choose to while away your time on the island, you can be sure to go home longing to return.

Here is a breakdown of what each month of the year is best for:

  • March is one of the best months for fishing, to see Green Turtles nesting and to see massive coconut crabs in the island interior (not on the beach!)
  • April is a good weather month (clear, sunny, not too hot).  Turtle eggs start hatching. Nature walks and birding is good.
  • May is another good weather month. Turtles are hatching. Local community are repairing thier fishing nets.
  • June sees the local community celebrate ‘Kimwani’ .  The weather is good and the turtles are still hatching.
  • September is good for fishing and whale watching.  Divers can see the coral spawning.  The community celebrate Ide and the flowers are in full bloom.
  • November is good for diving. Birding and whale watching is still good.


Activities Nearby

  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Marine Adventures
  • Photography
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling

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