Home to the spectacular Victoria Falls – the Seventh Wonder of the World – Zimbabwe is an appealing destination for both adventure and classic safari travellers. Although Southern Destinations does not condone the current political climate in Zimbabwe, we believe that its tourism sector warrants support during these difficult times and as such we encourage visitors to explore the myriad of attractions in the landlocked country.

Gaze in awe and wonder at the incredible Victoria Falls – the legendary ‘Smoke that Thunders’. Go on fascinating game-drives in the Hwange National Park, the wild and remote Matusadona National Park and the exquisite, game-rich Mana Pools National Park, which is situated along the banks of the Zambezi River. Home to four World Heritage Sites, Zimbabwe also boasts one of the largest man-made lakes in the world in Lake Kariba.

With the current political climate, there are fewer tourists visiting Zimbabwe than before. This means that you will enjoy your safari away from the crowds and get to experience Africa without the masses experienced in other popular safari destinations. Zimbabwe is a safe destination that welcomes tourists with open arms. We’ve been several times and we look forward to crafting your perfect Zimbabwean safari getaway!


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