You can’t get much closer to Table Mountain than this… A truly extraordinary luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Cape Town, MannaBay is a gateway to the table-topped landmark and its natural mystique. Quite literally. A gate leads directly from MannaBay’s grounds to the Table Mountain National Park.

From this prime setting, becoming of Persian Princes, Orchid Hunters and Heroic Explorers alike, you can look out over the Mother City, across her cityscape to the Atlantic Ocean. The views are dazzling whether you’re breakfasting at The MannaBay Café, with its floor-to-ceiling glass windows; bathing in the Black & White Room’s semi-frosted shower; or taking a dip in Pom Pom’s private plunge pool.

The Mountain is never far from sight either. She watches over MannaBay from above, eyeing guests clinking champagne flutes at the rooftop Atlas Bar and the koi spyhopping like whales out of the pond of fairy moss. From MannaBay, you can experience the Mother City in comfort and privacy, with a team of friendly staff dedicated to making every guest’s experience as special as possible. MannaBay is a work of art that inspires, enlivens and delights every guest who has the pleasure of entering its tall, art-adorned walls.

We think you’ll agree…The team at MannaBay is dedicated to optimising every guest’s experience – nowhere will this be more apparent than at the breakfast table. Breakfast is a decadent and indulgent affair crammed full of fruits, cheeses, freshly squeezed juices, Africa’s finest single roast coffees, freshly baked breads and of course a selection of hot dishes.“Some places to stay form a part of your journey, MannaBay guests have already arrived.”MannaBay has been selected for the Greenwood Guide to South Africa: B&Bs, guest-houses, lodges and self-catering cottages personally visited by the authors and chosen for their charm, character and for the exceptional friendliness of the owners.

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Versailles Suite

Try and find a bed more well-appointed than the day bed on Versailles’ private balcony. Overlooking the city and harbour beyond, Versailles is our premier suite, inspired by the regal splendour of the Palace of Versailles and the Ancien Régime in France. This suite would have made Louis XIV cerise pink with envy.Sure, the four-poster day bed is fit for happy honeymooners who wish to slumber beneath the stars, but there’s no need to wait for wedding bells to enjoy it. Luxury like this comes with a “Because I’m worth it” disclaimer. Inside, the four-poster mirror bed, framed by royal blue and silver fleur-de-lis wall paper, is just as special. Relax with a drink from the mini bar, whether Bombay Sapphire gin, wine or whisky, or a caffeine fix from the George Clooney-approved Nespresso machine – rusks provided.You’ll have your own private sitting room, a dressing room and an en-suite bathroom big enough for a few juggling and cartwheeling court jesters. Oh and there’s also a shower and a deep, opulent free-standing bath for the royal couple, with a throne chair for the lady-in-waiting.

Black and White – Luxury Room

The clue is in the name. One of MannaBay’s more contemporary suites, Black & White has a private balcony that face the mountain. Unwind on the outdoor furniture and let your body clock re-set to African time. Beautiful framed zebra hide prints decorate the wall, alongside dramatic black and white photographs. Even the orchids match the theme… Here on MannaBay’s top floor, you can look out over the Table Mountain National Park from your extra-length king-size bed.

Luxury Explorer – Luxury Room

Were they still alive today, the great explorers of yesteryear would have laid down their compasses and sea-weary heads here in MannaBay’s Explorer Room during a sojourn in the Cape. Pioneering explorers like Bartholemeu Dias, who discovered our Cape of Good Hope, for instance.To rediscover the adventurer in you, follow the hotel stairs to the middle floor, where views of Signal Hill and the city shine in through floor-to-ceiling windows. You can even glimpse the outdoors (as far as the Atlantic Ocean) as you bathe in the en-suite’s marble walk-in shower.Sailing ships adorn the walls, nguni cattle rugs the floors. You’ll find a writing desk, complete with magnifying glass, a typewriter atop a sea-faring war chest, and a luxurious king-size bed to unwind into after a day of exploring the urban jungles of the Mother City.

Pom Pom – Luxury Room

Pom Pom shares its private courtyard garden with a rather spectacular porcupine who keeps watch over the plunge pool reserved for Pom Pom’s own mermaids and men. Tucked away on the lower level of the three-tiered MannaBay, Pom Pom is a natural paradise fluttering with indigenous fauna and flora.On the walls inside you’ll find pom poms, the flower theme continuing on through to the secret garden outside where wild plants frame the Mother City in the distance. Floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors let you glimpse all from the comfort of your extra length king-size bed, as little sunbirds sing to you from their framed nests on the walls.

Orchid – Luxury Room

Orchid hunters need look no further. You’re bound to breathe a little easier as you enter this Garden of Orchid Eden.Varietals of the unique and fragile plants decorate the walls of this luxury bedroom and its en-suite bathroom. Their deep purple hues compliment the crisp white linen of the twin beds, the white marble floors and the white shutters. Here on the upper level, large sliding doors open onto an earthy wooden balcony with cushy outdoor sofas and a front row seat to Table Mountain.Sip freshly-brewed herbal teas or chilled champers beneath the garden umbrella, with interruptions only from the sounds of resident swallows and the smells of orchids in bloom.

Oriental – Luxury Room

Relax among the cherry blossom wallpaper in this contemporary room, right under the mountain, overlooking the koi pond. After a hot shower, turn in to the cosiness of your king-size bed.Gazing up at the hanging bird cage, you’ll be dreaming of Geishas in no time. Traditional Japanese men in kimonos adorn the walls, watching over you as you sleep. Like us, they want to ensure that you have as special a time as possible.Recreate a scene from the Mikado, give the Buddha’s tummy a rub for good luck or laze back on your private outdoor balcony after a day in the Winelands.

Persian – Luxury Room

Inspired by the luxuriousness of the fine eponymous carpets and style of the Persian Empire, the Persian Room features opulent chocolate walls, a king-size bed (or alternatively twin beds) with white linen, and of course that handsome Persian prince hanging on the wall.Pull back the white shutters and look out over the swimming pool and Table Mountain, which peers down at you from above. Enjoy a G&T on the outdoor sofas on your private patio or walk out into the garden to explore your kingdom.Let our staff treat you like a Prince(ss) as you unwind in the splendid comfort of MannaBay.

Flamingo – Luxury Room

Is there anything more beautiful and entrancing than a flamingo? Of all of nature’s animals, she is without doubt the one that beguiles even the weariest sightseer. Lay your head to rest here in the warmth of her pretty plumage.Do the Andean flamingo mating dance or watch the faces of Table Mountain transform above you, through the glass sliding doors.Enjoy a pink drink or three on the Flamingo’s grand balcony – it’s private, so no one will see you stretch out those wings a little. Take a long bubble bath in the free-standing tub in the en-suite bathroom or write a love letter to someone dear at the personal writing desk.