East of the famous Skeleton Coast – an area named for its sun-bleached whale and seal bones – lies one of the most scenic areas in all of Namibia, the rugged Kunene (formerly Kaokoland). Covering some 50 000km2 stretching from the Kunene to the Hoanib River, the Kunene region is the traditional land of the distinctive Himba ethic group and the uniquely adapted desert-dwelling elephants of Namibia.

Known for its stark, mountainous landscape, the Kunene region offers almost unrivalled tranquility under the full starlit canopy of the African sky. With practically no inhabitants as far as the eye can see, your only neighbors will be the scattered populations of desert elephants, rhinos, giraffes, mountain zebras and gemsboks. For bird enthusiasts, the tropical belt of vegetation along the Kunene River is home to two of southern Africa’s rarest birds – the rufous-tailed palm thrush and the Cinderella waxbill.

Natural attractions in the area include the beautiful Epupa and Ruacana waterfalls, and the Ondorusu and Enyandi rapids. However a visit to the region would not be complete though without a visit to the Himba people, the last nomadic tribe in Nambia. Known as much for their beehive huts and distinctive appearance as for their hospitality and friendly spirit, the Himba people provide fascinating insight into how simple and peaceful life could be.

With its union of the cold Atlantic currents and the warm desert air, the Kunene region is one of the most distinctive in Africa. Offering tranquil desert serenity and the true chance to ‘get away from it all’, our consultants can personally vouch for the mental rejuvenation to be found in this remote corner of Namibia. With accommodation choices including the Kavita Lion Lodge, the Palmwag Lodge and the (extremely) luxurious fly-in Serra Cafema Camp on the banks of the river, there is sure to be one that meets all your requirements and more.


Our Favourite Kunene Accommodations