Made famous by the many photographs depicting elephants crossing the plain with the snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro in the background, Amboseli National Park has become increasingly popular with visitors to Kenya in recent years thanks in part to the fact that it is also only an hours flight from Nairobi. With its emerald swamps and massive elephant herds, Amboseli almost seems out of place with the rest of Kenya’s dusty savannah and has an oasis like feel to it.

Low scrub vegetation means that animals are easier to spot at Amboseli than other Kenyan parks, and you can be sure to see some incredible game. Buffalo, zebra, gazelle and giraffe are frequent sightings on the plain and all jostle for their share of the grub with the sizeable elephant population. Lions are often seen in Amboseli, lazily patrolling the grassland in search of an easy meal while the cheetahs do their best to avoid them.

Melt water from Mount Kilimanjaro – some 50km away – flows through underwater channels and pools in the center of Amboseli, which is what causes the formation of the swamps. This unique environment is home to an array of bird species such as kingfishers, egrets, pelicans and a host of predatory raptors – all adding to the incredible photographic opportunities within Amboseli.

With a host of accommodation options to choose from, Amboseli has something to suit all tastes and budgets. The famous Tortilis and Porini camps provide the classic Amboseli experience, while Shompole and Ol Donvo Wuas are some of the most stylish lodges in Kenya. Speak to our expert consultants about choosing the right lodge or camp for you.


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