Second only to the more famous Mount Kilimanjaro in terms of being Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kenya’s glacier-topped summit is still regarded by those in the know as being a better climb than ‘Kili’. At a height of 5200m, the climb is no joke and you will still need to be sufficiently acclimatized and prepared before embarking on it.

For the casual hikers, you are permitted to hike the lower slopes at your leisure but go any higher and you will definitely require the correct equipment and a porter-guide. Point Lenana, at 4985m, is the highest point that casual hikers can reach. Equipment and clothing can be rented from the base and you will need to allow for at least five days of climbing.

The fact that Mount Kenya is not as popular as Mount Kilimanjaro means that the climb is not only significantly less crowded, but also more affordable. The feeling of accomplishment one gets when reaching Point Lenana and observing the whole of Kenya beneath you is indescribable, so contact our expert consultants to answer any questions you might have about this African landmark.


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