One of the most attractive aspects about a safari in Kenya is the fact that you can so easily combine the bush with the beach for the complete African experience. The island of Mombasa, with Kenya’s second city of the same name, is historically rich in a variety of different cultures and is home to some of the best beaches in Africa – including the idyllic Diani Beach.

Located just 30km from Mombasa, Diani Beach is a popular seaside resort with miles and miles of untouched white sand and azure blue waters. Whilst still retaining much of the traditional charm of the island, Diani Beach also offers a wide range of luxury hotels, malls, restaurants and supermarkets. These are juxtaposed by Swahili fishermen tacking out their dhows (traditional fishing boats) and trading their haul just as they have always done.

With a beach that stretches 10km, Diani Beach is perfectly suited to a variety of aquatic activities. The coral reef running the length of Kenya provides many great spots for diving and snorkeling, and is teeming with colorful fish and marine life.  The large stretches of calm water mean that Diani Beach has also become a popular kite-boarding destination.

It’s not all beach activity though – Diani Beach has some great spots to explore for the whole family. The derelict architecture of the old town contains a myriad of markets and mosques, with traditional spices and clothing being traded just as it was centuries ago. The nearby Shimba Hills National Reserve is home to the black-and-white colobus monkeys and has the unique distinction of being one of the few reserves to overlook the Indian Ocean, creating an experience the likes of which you will not experience elsewhere.

Diani Beach is the perfect place to unwind after time spent on the Kenyan mainland, relaxing on the pristine beaches with a good book and refreshing drink. Speak to us about planning your perfect ‘Bush and Beach’ safari at this popular Kenyan destination.

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