‘A fabulous journey’ – Cape Town, Kruger & Victoria Falls

Dear Ilze

WOW!!!          BRILLIANT!!!!         PERFECT!!!

This was the most fabulous journey Marian & I have ever been on and we find the experience hard to describe to people we’ve spoken with.  Unless you’ve been there or if one is a proficient writer it is hard to try to re create the experience for someone.  Pictures are one thing and I have so many to sort thru to create a memory book.  When I do I will try to share some.

Charlie was really great, the PERFECT companion who clued right in to us and what we enjoyed.  I will contact him directly as soon as I settle in (doing lots of laundry) 

The camps you picked for us were just fabulous, everything about them and the diversity was a terrific mix.  And ending in Vic Falls was just the right spot, The Royal Livingstone was wonderful.

Every encounter could not have been better. I know for Marian & myself, we could not have  been more pleased with the way you set everything up, the attention to detail and the wonderful South African hospitality.  BRILLIANT! 

We will talk again very soon to share the stories.


Michael, USA

View Table Bay Hotel
View andBeyond Ngala Tented Camp
View andBeyond Kirkman’s Kamp
View The Royal Livingstone