It’s tricky pleasing a group of friends with different tastes, but Lise does it!


I want to congratulate and to thank you for a truly outstanding trip! This was one of those trips where everything that could go right did and none of the many things that could have gone wrong did. It was just outstanding!

The Cape Grace was all we had dreamed of and the guide you had arranged, Mark, was superb! To be met at the airport flawlessly is one of the very best things that can happen on a trip. It happened on this trip at every stop. Every one! Good job.

Mark was fantastic as was Frederick at Sabi Sabi, Neo at Chobe and Doctor at Kanana. To rank those guides in order of ability, personality and dedication would not be possible. They are all ‘5 star’.

Equally, the accommodations and game viewing at every camp was magnificent! The Royal Livingstone and Meno a Kwena fell a bit short, as I will detail, but not nearly enough to dampen our experience or our enthusiasm for you and your company.

We have argued, genially, among ourselves about which camp was the best over-all experience. The proof of this pudding is that Sabi Sabi, Chobe  or Kanana was the favorite of one or more of us! I can think of no way any of those 3 can be improved upon. I have no constructive suggestions because I think they were perfect. Others in the group may have some ideas for improvement in these camps but I assure you that we all were wonderfully pleased.

The Royal Livingstone was wonderfully situated and the choice to stay there rather on the Zimbabwe side was exactly right. The Zambezi was in full flood which made our walk across the face of the Falls exciting and magnificent from that side. We were told by the local people that from the Zimbabwe side the falls are just not visible in full flood and we believe that based on the ‘in and out’ view from the dryer, Zambian side. I took the mini-flight which was spectacular and terrifying! Highly recommended. Everyone else took the ‘copter ride and were most pleased. The sunset boat cruise was perfect and the boat had a good birding guide. Elephants came to the river on cue!

The primary downside to the Royal Livingstone was the quality of the food and service in the restaurants. They have a fancy restaurant and a bar restaurant. The bar restaurant serves burgers and fish and the food on that side was very good. The breakfast buffet was excellent.

Sadly, the capability of the wait staff on both sides was abysmal. Truly abysmal. They were unable to bring the dishes ordered. It was a continuing mystery to await one’s meal to see what would appear. They were dumbfounded by the idea that diners might want water in addition to wine. The wine list was uncharted territory to them.

We have had a fantastically wonderful trip! You and your company are at the very top of our list! Wonderful work, Lise! You have our very fondest and most sincere thanks.


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