What a lovely trip you planned for us.  Everything worked out perfectly.  We enjoyed each of the areas and the animals that we were able to see.  The transfers were on time and smooth.  Guides were pleasant and very knowledgeable.

The African Rock Hotel in Johannesburg was lovely, the staff was friendly and food was amazing.  What a nice way to be welcomed on our journey.

Simbavati was a great area with an amazing driver, Moshi.  I would recommend him to anyone and the hot water bottles for the morning game drive were terrific.  We were did have an additional fee for the game park at this lodge that was not included so that was a surprise.  It was not much per person.

The accommodations at Umkumbe Safari Lodge were very nice; however we didn’t have hot water there and the food was the least favorite of any of our lodge experiences.  We did have an extremely knowledgeable guide there.

Victoria Falls are breath taking and the scheduled activities you selected were perfect.  You do get wet there!  The elephant safari was a thrill. (Zambezi Sun Hotel)

Our final lodge was Chobe Safari Lodge where there are two very special people.  Rejoice in activities and Tony the game driver.   Rejoice is nothing short of perfection, she is the essence of hospitality and made planning our activities effortless.  She made everything perfect.  Tony was our game driver the first day, we enjoyed him so much that we went on two more drives with him and were able to arrange to have him take some clothing that we were not taking back to the US to a church for distribution amongst the people who needed it in the village.

Everyone in the group thought you did an exceptional job with the planning of our trip.  It will be memorable for years.


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