About Us

Years of collective experience in the tourism industry and a love of the country provide a filter for the gimmicks, the unsuitable and the rip offs! What remains are the best properties, transport and people in the business. We carefully incorporate these gems into an itinerary perfectly suited to each client’s interests and requirements; drawing on long standing relationships in the industry to secure the best rates and most special experiences possible for our clients. Client Trip Reviews 

Meet The Team

We have been in the wonderful world of travel for exactly 20 years this year and can proudly say that thanks mainly to a rich collection of past clients, staff, suppliers, friends and family, we are well established, respected and unblemished. We started small on solid foundations of passion for our country and dedication to client service. We grew slowly and carefully primarily through ‘word of mouth’ and faith in the new South Africa’s travel industry. See our team 

Our Blog

For in-depth analysis, opinion and lots of great imagery – Our Blog posts cover a wide range of interesting ‘Travel-in-Africa topics from the Amboseli to the Zambezi.  See our Blog

Behind The Scenes

We believe in sourcing the right people in to do the wide variety of tasks needed to turn the wheels of our tour operation. We strive to surround ourselves with as much multi-talented expertise as we can afford! Meet the clever individuals behind the scenes in the Southern Destinations engine room.

Our Guides

We have a hand-picked compliment of experienced freelance tourist guides. Over the years they have carefully guided, entertained and enlightened hundreds of our clients. They are all accredited and registered. Besides being a wealth of information, charm and personality, they will be sensitive to your daily needs and a reliable link between you and us while you are in town. Meet them here…

Travel Smart Crew

We are members of Travel Smart Crew,a group of medium sized tour operators who have partnered to maximise buying power. This allows us to offer value and special deals. Our association with Travel Smart Crew also affords us access to leading technology as well as the opportunity to share views and information.

Work for us

We are constantly on the lookout for more talented, ambitious and fun people to grow our team. These are the positions available at present:

Travel Consultants (Junior and Senior):  Good travel consultants are like hen’s teeth so if you think that you have what it takes, please get in touch.

Tour Guides: Calling all ambassadors of this beautiful land! We’re always keen to get to know new tour guides and right now we’re looking for a specialist wine guide.

To apply for either of the above positions, please send a letter of motivation and CV to Neil Ratcliffe.