2021 Travel Ideas

So much has changed in the way we work, interact, and play. How – and why – we travel has changed too.

In 2020, we discovered amazing virtual travel experiences, wanderlusted after thousands of travel photos and videos, and pored over a global glut of online articles, blogs and research. It’s safe to say that travel, journeys and adventure have never been more appreciated – and needed – than at this point in travel history.

2021 is all about grabbing these bucketlist opportunities!

How to travel in 2021

Travel as a family

Being together as a family, celebrating special moments, and creating lifelong memories  = priceless Quality Time. Our destinations have so much to offer multigenerational travelers in a safe travel-bubble, from sole-use boutique villas and intimate safari camps to educational wildlife encounters, adventures in nature, and cultural experiences.

Avoid the crowds

Africa is blessed with vast swathes of the most remote, wide-open spaces. It’s so easy to avoid the crowds, especially with game drives, bush dinners, sky-beds and wilderness destinations.

Embrace wellness

Looking after ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally has become more important than ever. If Africa has anything to offer humanity, it has soul restoration and spiritual wellness in its soil.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have taken their toll on our mental health. Withstanding this kind of unsure anxiety and rollercoastering stress we’ve all had to endure for months on end requires a multifaceted approach of adaptable resilience and gentle self-care.

Health and wellbeing-designed trips are in increasing demand as people embark on soul-searching retreats.

Even before the pandemic, the global wellness movement experienced an exponential expansion over the preceding years, reflecting the world’s growing need for a more mindful, conscious, and slower way of traveling.

Cruise, curiously…

Imagine having the sole use of a safari houseboat… just you and your party, drifting gently along the banks of the Chobe National Park. Canoe excursions, traditional Dhow sailing, and Mokoro trips are just some of the uniquely different ways you can explore Africa whilst keeping away from the crowds.

Combine slow travel with remote working

This gorgeous trend is “stay longer / work from paradise.”  Surprisingly, many of the more remote locations in Africa actually have excellent WiFi connectivity. Simply bring your virtual office along and combine business with pleasure!

Travel with purpose

Worldwide, people are asking how buying a particular product – like choosing a destination – will improve the lives of those who made that product. Particularly in Africa, the people who live and work in the tourism industry have their lives directly impacted by the positive investment that travelers make in choosing their particular destination or camp. 

And so we find ourselves putting a lot more thought and consciousness into the planning of purpose-driven trips. We are more and more committed to creating connections between our guests and the incredible people who are the life, soul and hardworking hands of Africa’s national parks and wildlife reserves. As well as creating channels for guests to contribute to conservation in its most expertly integrated and holistic sense: protecting wildlife, restoring and nurturing ecology and empowering communities.

Self-drive adventure

The good old-fashioned ‘road trip’, and more ‘mini-breaks’ closer to home over weekends are forecast to gain increasing popularity. We’re really excited about this much-needed boost in the local tourism industry, especially for rural areas and small towns.

Is your New Year’s Resolution to travel this year? Surveys show that people are researching travel ideas online more than we could have ever anticipated. We’re optimistic that the vaccine rollout will gather momentum so that adventure lovers will be traveling by Spring 2021.

We look forward to hearing all about your bucket-list dream trip – and making it happen! Chat to one of us now?