Pioneers of sustainable wildlife tourism in Southern Africa, and the oldest of all the private game reserves in South Africa, the Sabi Sand Game Reserve dates back to 1948, and is undoubtedly, the most famous of the private game reserve in the country.

The 650 square kilometre (65,000 hectare) of Savannah thornveld is part of the largest conservation area in South Africa, and is home to numerous privately owned luxury safari lodges.

Location is everything!  And one of the main reasons for the  The Sabi Sand Game Reserve‘s fame is that it shares a fence-less south-western border with the famous wildlife rich Kruger National Park, allowing animals  to roam freely in a huge natural environment, and making the reserve one of South Africa’s most treasured natural sanctuaries.

Chalkey Treehouse Sabi Sand
The Sabi Sand is famous for its incredible landscapes and its exclusive tree houses, such as the Chalkey Treehouse seen here

The area has only ever been a wilderness area, and is home to Africa’s majestic Big Five; together with a myriad of other animals and wildlife, including the endangered African Wild dog, and over 300 bird species, the reserve offers the ultimate unparalleled game-viewing experience.

The star of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve is however undoubtedly the elusive free-ranging leopard, with guests repeatedly reporting excellent sightings of this regal cat.

Off road private safari in Sabi Sand GR
Usually extremely rare, sightings of leopards in the Sabi Sand are a daily occurrence

The Sabi Sand is a malaria area and shares the same climate as Kruger National Park; spring and summer are the rainy season, and autumn and winter the drier seasons.

The rains of summer bring about lush, green, thick bush and many newborn animals, whilst winter sees less vegetation making game viewing generally easier.

The lack of water in winter also draws animals to the waterholes and rivers to drink, allowing further fabulous sightings.

From luxury game lodges to remote and exclusive tented camps, accommodation in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve is in general quite luxurious due to the fact that seeing the Big Five is practically guaranteed if you stay for 3 nights or more. The carefully chosen settings, innovative safari lodge architecture and design as well as fabulous cuisine and excellent rangers and guides all add to the price tag.

Singita Boulders Pic Credit Tim Evan-Cook
Singita Boulders Lodge is rated as one of Africa’s most luxurious lodges (Picture Credit: Credit Tim Evan-Cook)

Award winning Sabi Sand Lodges like Singita Boulders , Lion Sands Ivory, Londolozi,  Mala Mala , Kirkman’s Kamp are amongst the finest luxury lodges in Africa, all offering exceptional service and hospitality, fine cuisine and consummate amenities.

The unequaled Sabi Sand Game Reserve very possibly makes the best South African safari destination for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, and bird watchers alike.

This rich, wild wonderland offers incomparable game viewing and a true wilderness experience like no other in the world.