We’ve launched the SOUTHERN DESTINATIONS CARES fundraising initiative

to raise funds to support causes that are close to our hearts

We are currently raising funds to help a member of our staff purchase a proper home

Zuki, our lovely cleaning lady, is a single mother who still lives in a township shack with her daughters and granddaughter. We’ve committed to transforming their lives and buying her a proper bricks and mortar house.
Your donation will help Zuki to be able to move from an informal shack like this to a proper house is a safer neighbourhood.
We add R200 ($10) to our client’s trip cost
We pledge that Southern Destinations will match every contribution received

Let us know if you’d like to add a bit more!

Be part of our fundraising campaign

Join us!  Together, we have the power to uplift and improve lives


Keep an eye on this page to see the results of the campaign