Adding some pampering onto your safari will really enhance your trip. It’s a heavenly match!  Here are 6 safari spa destinations on our radar. These safari spas are committed to eco-friendly and sustainable practices by using locally made products and supporting local conservation efforts.

Just being on safari is a transformative experience. Now just add a wildly wonderful spa treatment to your journey.

Having  an outdoor massage with the sound of real birds and a gentle warm breeze rustling the leaves in the trees is SO much nicer than being enclosed in a dim lit treatment room with spa playlist music.

At most destinations you can choose to have your treatments in the treatment rooms or out in a private open-air setting.  The natural surroundings amplify the healing effects of these treatments, fostering a profound sense of relaxation and restoration.

Imagine having a massage under a gift fig tree on the bank of a tranquil river accompanied by the sounds of rustling leaves, chirping birds, and flowing water.


Curated for the health-conscious, wellness and peace-seeker, the new Thornybush wellness centre boasts state-of-the-art facilities. Guests can enjoy yoga sessions on the deck, sound healing therapeutic sessions and an array of Africology therapeutic treatments. Africology is the leading natural, eco-friendly and holistic spa and skincare company in South Africa.

A spa treatment while on safari at Thornybush will bring you back down to earth and help you adjust to a slower, African pace.


Londolozi’s Wellness practitioners are probably what sets Londolozi apart from other wellness safari experiences. From bodywork specialists, aromatherapy technicians, Martha Beck master life coaches, sound healers, enneagram practitioners, reiki masters and yoga instructors with over 3000 hours of yoga practice in five different yoga styles the diversity of skill and range of experience is quite unique to all be found in one place in the African wilderness.

At the heart of Londolozi’s wellness safari philosophy is the Londolozi Healing House. Londolozi has crafted a variety of unique and special activities for true rejuvenation, restoration and transformation..


Like the lodge, the spa is meticulously designed to frame breathtaking views of the seasonal flood plains and lush riverine forests, in its soothing colour palette and organic textures, the spa exists in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.  There is a modern fitness centre – with state-of-the-art equipment from Technogym – alongside a swimming pool with a stunning relaxation deck gazing over the river.

Xigera’s  Safari Lodge’s  signature B|Africa spa treatments are complemented by an exclusive collection by Tata Harper, creating holistic spa rituals that offer a multi-sensory escape for guests.

The sight of a gentle elephant sauntering byall contribute to an unparalleled sensory experience that no indoor spa can replicate.


The collection of spa experiences, in partnership with Terres D’Afrique, creates a rich wellness experience, celebrating the traditions and heritage of Africa. Discover treatments created exclusively for One&Only Gorilla’s Nest, a space to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

The perfect way to unwind after going gorilla trekking…. Become one with nature at our One&Only Gorilla’s Nest jungle spa which also  boasts a lap pool, steam room and sauna.


Back-to-nature philosophy, Gmundner Spa and Wellness Center entices guests to discover the delicate balance between adventure and rejuvenation. With expert therapists and two serene treatment rooms, you can discover sensory rituals that restore, relax and rejuvenate after a day spent in the wilds of Africa. With unlimited access to the gym, sauna and spa, every day is an opportunity for you to pursue wellness and realign your body, mind and soul effortlessly.

The Makai wellness journeys at Gmundner imbue old-world remedies and holistic practices to focus on your body, face, hands and feet.


Cradled against ancient mountains, amidst an ocean of dunes, rocky outcrops and gravel plains, the utter tranquility and extraordinary clarity of light makes Sossusvlei one of Africa’s most compelling landscapes.

Relaxing treatments for a truly authentic African spa experience that rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. Teatments promise to leave you feeling in harmony with the tranquillity of the surrounds.  Precious water from an underground spring feeds the refreshing lodge pool. There is a sunrise-view gym and sunset-facing wellness centre which offers both a treatment room with a private spa-bath, and a separate wet-room spa.

The spa at Sossusvlei desert Lodge is framed in the background by the ever-changing colours of the dunes

 Bring on the wellness of healing hands, and let your body succumb to sounds of the African bush.

There’s nothing quite more deeply relaxing than a great massage after an exciting day exploring the African bush, or kicking off the day with an invigorating yoga session surrounded by nature.

Love the idea of adding pampering wellness to your Africa trip? Talk to us and let’s help you  be well in Africa!