A truly 5 star safari review

Hi Liesl,

Overall out trip was spectacular.  It  gave us a second chance to experience the beauty of Botswana and South Africa, and the amazing, up close encounters with the majestic wild animals that live there. Our weather was excellent, very little rain with comfortable temperatures.

Our Ratings are based on ***** excellent, ****very good, ***good, **average, *poor

1.  Intercontinental Hotel, Johannesburg: ****1/2
We were met promptly by a  courteous team from the Intercontinental Hotel.  Check-in was efficient and our rooms were first-rate. The food was very good, we enjoyed a leisurely dinner with good service.

2.  Mack Air: very good****

3.  Eagle Island Camp, Botswana: accommodations **** , staff ****1/2, guides ****1/2, bar*****, food ***
The setting was beautiful, the Hippos were outstanding and close, but the variety of animals was limited because all the drives were by boat on the river.  The boat drives were different and interesting but 3 to 4 were plenty.  Overall        experience ***1/2.

4. Chiefs Island, Botswana: accommodations****1/2,  staff****, guides*****, bar *****, food ***
We loved our Chiefs Camp experience.  This was our second time, the camp had been expanded and refurbished.  These changes really improved the facilities.  Our food was disappointing, not as good as we remembered, but our game drives with Benson, the same guide we had before, were excellent. Overall experience was ****.

5.  Cape Grace Hotel, Cape Town accommodations*****, restaurant ****1/2, location*****, staff****1/2,
Our tour of Robbin Island ***1/2, Charlie Ratcliffe*****++, Cape Peninsula Tour with Charlie*****,The Roundhouse was a fun experience that grew on us as the evening progressed, bar drinks weren’t their expertise, but the food, wine and eventually service led us to a **** rating, Constantia tour with lunch at La Colombe*****, Cape Town Alfred Waterfront and Ferris Wheel*****

Overall Capetown experience was super*****.  Many Thanks Charlie! (more about Charlie)

6. Federal Air**

7.  Londolozi Founders Camp, Sabi Sands:  Accommodations****1/2, staff****, bar****food ***1/2, guides (Simon-Ranger, Fanuti-Tracker)*****, Variety of animals*****
We enjoyed our Londolozi experience.  The Londolozi history and the Vartys story was facinating and quite remarkable.  Their relationship with Nelson Mandela was quite extrodinary.  We enjoyed visiting Mandela memorial park at Londolozi.  Overall ratting ****1/2.

8.  Southern Destinations: Liesl you and your team were excellent*****.
Everything went smoothly, we always felt comfortable and never lost because of your excellent planning.  We were glad we had a chance to meet you and spend a little time together.

Best Regards,

Marylyn & Tuck

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