Client review – Kruger, Cape Town, Winelands & Botswana

Dear Lise,

I have been attempting to write to you from the moment of our return to the States, but it is amazing how quickly time flies and I apologize it has taken this long.

Dot and I cannot get over how much we loved all aspects of the trip you planned.  We love Africa and found everyone to be exceptionally warm.  It is hard for us to select one favorite experience because everything was so amazing and the contrast between the various venues was perfect. As you had said Singita Ebony was very different than Singita Sweni, even thought they both were in SA.  Of the two our favorite was Ebony.  We loved the staff there as well as the food and decor.

We loved Cape Town and David was a pleasure to work with.  We even hired him for another full day as we could not fit in all we wanted to see in one day.  We added a trip to Langa Township and he took us there and hooked us up with a local tour guide who was great.  FYI we found that the gift shop in the Cape Grace Hotel to carry very high quality items at reasonable prices.  We would recommend Rob Burton and his staff who were delightful to work with.

Delaire Graaf was unbelievable luxury and we do wish we had planned another day there, as we needed the rest after the 5:00AM Singita wake up calls, and where could you find a better place to just relax?

We found Eagle Island to be the most “authentic” of the safari locations.

Here the animals were still not accustomed to humans and motorized vehicles and I think this area was probably what Kruger was 15-20 years ago. We did find that Eagle Island was the least luxurious of the camps but what Dot called “shabby chic” worked.  We found out that Orient Express just was granted a long term renewal of their lease for the property and is planning to do a major refurbishment.  In a couple of years it will be even better.  Currently the water levels are extremely low and the motorized boats are having trouble navigating the waterways.

When we asked we were able to get a Land Rover based safari and were told they will be doing them regularly very soon because of the low water levels.  We would recommend that you advise your clients of the helicopter excursion.  It was in our opinion well worth the advanced booking price of $300 USD.

Our only mistake was that we did not take a picture with you when we met.

We feel very badly about that. I did take over 5000 pictures and am in the process of reducing them to a manageable number.  I plan to send you a select few shortly.

We hope the Joseph’s have the same experience next month.  We wish we could be going again!!

Best Regards,

Dot and Frank

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