Southern Destinations is proud to announce our new CSI partnership with Uthando’s education support program, Home from Home! We’ve always been a big fan of the work that Uthando do, and have collaborated on several smaller projects in the past, so it was only a matter of time before we ‘made it official’…

Founded by James Fernie in 2007, Uthando is a non-profit and Fair Trade accredited organization that embarks on several community development based projects and partnerships around South Africa. Based in Cape Town, the organisation plays an active role in helping to redress the socioeconomic inequality that exists in South African society through projects in fields such as Childcare, Drug Rehabilitation, Sustainable Agriculture, Housing and Animal Welfare – to name but a few.

One of Uthando’s proud partner organisations is Home From Home – a network of small family homes that provide support and supervision (community-based foster care) for children in disadvantaged communities left vulnerable through neglect or abuse. Our monthly donation and awareness raising initiatives will greatly assist Home from Home in supporting two home facilities and an educare in Khayelitsha. These facilities will provide home language counselling, fun and education to children that are in desperate need of it. With the correct emotional support and mentoring it is truly amazing how much a child can grow and catapult to the next level!

Nurtured kids are happy healthy kids at Home from Home

We are truly proud of this partnership and wish to extend our sincere thanks to both Home From Home and Uthando for the extraordinary work they do continue to do for our communities. 

Please feel free to Contact Us for more information.


The amazing Home from Home Team