Financially, SOUTHERN DESTINATIONS has been operating in a strong and healthy capacity since the company was founded in 1997. To give our clients further peace of mind during these uncertain times we have set up a Protected Payment Solution so that payments are kept separate from the cashflow of our company’s daily operations.

We have partnered with TRUST MY TRAVEL who specialise in worldwide travel payment.

TRUST MY TRAVEL gives travellers 100% confidence that their money is protected in the unlikely event that the Travel Provider (Southern Destinations ) as well as their Service Providers should go out of business; specifically, travellers are protected for the value of their booking when paid through Trust My Travel should the Travel Provider (Southern Destinations) fail financially.

SOUTHERN DESTINATIONS’ partnership with TRUST MY TRAVEL also brings these benefits:

  1. You can book in confidence using your local currency, knowing exactly what your upcoming trip will cost you once it reflects on your local bank account.

  1. Along with the usual card networks (Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc.), you are also being offered alternative payments like local bank transfers, digital wallets etc.

  1. Should you pay using a local currency, the rate of exchange used for the transaction can be locked for up to 18 months, removing the risk of exchange rates fluctuations from deposit payment to balance payment.

When payment is due, your Travel Consultant will send you a secure link to process your payment via Trust My Travel directly to Southern Destinations. This payment process will give you the protection and benefits referred to above as per agreed Terms & Conditions upon submitting the payment itself.

We look forward to ensuring you have the most amazing Africa trip filled with memorable once-in-a-lifetime experiences, in our capable hands.